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    While I have used, and stand behind ZEP, in all the forms mentioned, I just want to say, I LOVE Simple Green EVEN MORE! Just because it has all of the capability of ZEP, but it is also tint-safe [I am unsure if ZEP Citrus is as well, or not] according to them.

    here are my dilutions I use:

    1:1- TOUGH Engine, undercarriage, Wheels, etc.
    4or5:1- Normal of the above
    10:1- Carpet or tough interior (vinyl/leather) stains
    32:1- Glass

    And that is all from one single bottle, not using a different product for tough stains, carpet, and glass all individually. I usually get a 5-gallon container as I also use it all over my house.
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    Are these dilution ratio's for zep or simple green
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    richy, choose another text colour, i can't read your wisdom
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    Well, that is what I use for simple green, but I do see many people using zep the same way...
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    Zep Professional line is great and cheap. But I switched to LA's Totally Awesome APC (not sold in Canada tho). I find it stronger than both Zep APC and Degreaser.
    I've used it on paint, carpets, ext. rubber/plastic trim, etc. diluted 4:1 and foam cannon w/out ill effects. It's also non-toxic and biodegradable.
    Aside: They (LA) changed their APC's formula so if you come across MSDS look at the date (the one I saw was 2004), as in the previous formula they used some harsh chemicals.
    In addition, I really like Zep Foaming Glass. Smells nice (unlike Stoner's), cleans well, cheaper, bigger can, and tint-safe.
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    Zeps products are great. For what you pay, you're only going to find one or two things that match up to their quality. They're also gearing heavily towards being enviromentally friendly.

    I used to use their Bug Remover, "High Shine" tire shine, Shampoo, and Orange Blast citrus degreaser. I put that citrus on everything! lmao. For the first two months I was cutting it down and trying it on anything I could find. I even turned my cycling teams mechanic on to it, and he switched over to all zep stuff for cleaning our teams bikes.

    Most of the reps are friendly and helpful. They want to make sure you have enough to last until the next time they get out to you, and they always let you know if it's going to be a while before you see them again.

    I really wish i was still buying their products. Once I moved I never went back to using their stuff. The bug remover is awesome for bugs, tar, and general road grime though. Makes me want to find another rep.
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    Bryan, any of my old posts that are in that light green colour, are back from when the background at DB used to be black. When they changed it to the light gray, it became very difficult to see as you've pointed out. I try to edit the ones I still see in circulation to change that.

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