Zenith technique for PC?

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  1. bwanderson79

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    I have read numerous posts and articles about the Zenith technique for rotaries, but I am wondering if this technique is necessary for a PC or any other DA? All I have right now is 7424XP and I will be purchasing a Makita within the next month, but until I have learned to use it on my own cars, the PC is all I have, but I am not sure if speed adjustment is necessary when compounding, finishing, or using a one step such as 203. Any thoughts?
  2. 911Fanatic

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    If I am using my pc, I will spread the product at 2, then run it up to 5 and proceed until the polish has broken down. I don't slow it down at or near the end of polishing.
  3. bwanderson79

    bwanderson79 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thanks again for your advice. That will probably save me some time that I may have been wasting, since I was slowing it down a bit after the polish had gone clear.
  4. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I have always spread polish around 2-2.5, polish at 6 and then keep it at 6 till its broken down and that's it. I did experiment with bringing it down to 4.5-5 right when it close to being done but didn't see any noticeable difference.
  5. togwt

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    Random Orbital Polisher

    Slow Hand method - (apologies to Eric C) using a random orbital polisher, Menzerna Final Finish (PO 106 FF) and a LC White CCS foam pad - this polish is formulated with very finely milled micro diminishing abrasives that allows for a consistent breakdown and thus a consistent micro marring free finish
    • Start at speed # 4, move the pad slowly across the area, then speed # 5, without any pressure, when the polish starts to go clear, spray the pad with distilled water, reduce to speed # 4, then spray pad again, increase to speed # 5 and apply pressure.
    • Apply polish at a machine linear speed (MLS) of approximately 0.25 to 0.5-inch per second for each 2-foot x 2-foot panel (hence ‘slow hand’) Burnish paint surface using an ultra-fine (100 PPI) finishing, primed foam pad (LC Black Finessing CCS Foam pad) this method is time consuming but the results are well worthwhile.
  6. EbbeJ

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    After testing the Zenith method on a G220 and a flex XC 3401VRG, a friend and I agreed that it could leave hologram-looking clouds in the paint if finishing slow on a DA/Orbital. Try it on a scrap panel some day:)

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