1. grease

    grease Birth of a Detailer

    Read that a 2nd time ;)
  2. krshultz

    krshultz Nuba Guru

    Well, just in case anyone from Menzerna is reading: Power Finish freaking ROCKS.
  3. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Jeff will be on shortly. I'm sure he will want to hear from all of you.
  4. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    Sorry Nica, but since I am from Sweden I missed to read a couple of lines :tiptoe:

    Anyway, this is very good and I am looking forward to have mr Silver online. And I could also be at your service, since I have good connections with Menzerna Germany :thumb:
  5. Jescar

    Jescar Guest

    Let me first thank the good people of Detailing Bliss and its members for this opportunity to post on your forum. I had just received the invitation to become a sponsor, and only yesterday received word that I could post on the site. Honestly I was not aware that there were already questions waiting to be answered and appreciate the chance to do so.

    It would be my pleasure to answer any and all questions you may have about Menzerna products and the role of MenzernaUSA. I do receive many emails from our website menzerna.com and try to answer them asap.

    The first point that I should address is the product S100.

    When we first introduced the Menzerna products to the detail/reconditioning market it was explained to me that a compound like PowerGloss S34A would be too aggressive and potentially damaging in the wrong hands. So the distributors would only stock our medium and fine polishes and discourage the use of a compound. I thought that this was probably a too cautious approach since PowerGloss is really not a heavy cutting compound. Eventually this concern had given way to actual experience and now PowerGloss is quite successful in the detailing market.

    MenzernaUSA has been working with the factory in Germany to produce a faster cutting compound, primarily for body shop and industrial applications. We have tested many different formulations, most recently the S100. For the intended purpose, the testing that was performed did not show favorable results, which was quite disappointing. The need for this faster cutting compound still exists and product development is continuing.

    I am certainly aware of the positive comments that were made about the S100, and I don’t doubt the opinion and results at all. However if our product testing led me to believe that this would be a good addition to the line it would have been made available already. In fact, if there would be enough demand for this, or any product, we would gladly bring it into stock.

    Let me know your thoughts, and I look forward to addressing your comments and questions.

    Regards to all,

  6. InfamousNic

    InfamousNic Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Welcome Jeff!

    Your presence here is very appreciated. Thank you for the clarification about S100.

  7. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Great to have you here Jeff
  8. kustomizingkid

    kustomizingkid Nuba Guru

    I think PG is a great product!

    Most of the cars I have worked on up to this point were HAMMERED DD, something aggressive is great for these cars, and have found that it can finish down good enough to one step with it... I prefer to use SIP but PG is needed sometimes... I couldn't imagine not having it or not being able to get aggressive compounds...

    PO85RD is awesome btw... wish more people would pay for multi step corrections, I Love jeweling :)

    Thanks for being here!
  9. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Hey Jeff, glad to see you on here. Thanks for the info on s100. Looking forward to seeing you around!
  10. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    Thanks for the reply Jeff, is there any other polishes in the works besides the S100?
  11. Jescar

    Jescar Guest

    Menzerna has been actively developing and testing a more aggressive formulation compared to S34A. The major issue seems to be the VOC compliance restrictions in the US. They can hit the target specs for this new compound, but it would not be allowed in the US. Making it aggressive is easy, but getting the gloss level to where we want it is the challenge.

    For the detailing/reconditioning market I believe that PowerGloss S34A is excellent. With a 4-ply twisted wool pad, it cuts very fast and can be easily followed up with PowerFinish with great results. I wouldn't want anything more aggressive than PowerGloss for detailing, especially when using a rotary buffer.
  12. POPPAJ

    POPPAJ DB Forum Supporter

    Glad to hear that it's not called POS100 !
  13. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    Actualy, it is... :tiptoe:
  14. acc1079

    acc1079 Guest

    Thanks for posting and supporting DB, Jeff.

    Menzerna polishes are definitely the top tier IMO of polishes, and set the standard for all others. It is great having a representative here to answer questions and provide accurate info when needed. Thanks again and looking forward to future products as they come!!
  15. Misha

    Misha Nuba Guru

    love Menzerna too. only polishes i use.

    if they dont wana communicate thats fine. we can still leave suggestions and they can silently read them and do whatever with them

    agree 34 and wool pad followed by 203 is great combination, been using it a lot lately
  16. Jescar

    Jescar Guest

    Hi AV6NHBP65PD,
    Thanks for using Menzerna and I'm glad to see that it is working well for you.
    Actually I do read the post and would be glad to respond to any questions you may have. And I am a really loud reader!
  17. Misha

    Misha Nuba Guru

    so anything similar coming out that is close to megs 105 or 95? or some other non-diminishing polish to extend work time?
  18. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    Is there anything we can do on our end to help reduce the dusting?

    I use menz polishes religiously except for Meg's 105 when needed for compounding and have been playing with their 205 as well. But either way, both Meg's and Menz dust crazily.
  19. richy

    richy Guest

    Jeff...Thanks for being actively involved in this community....I don't know if you'll find a bigger group of Menzerna users and supports anywhere! I use a lot of your line, but to be honest, I'm in love with the new Meguiars 105 heavy cut compound. It's a non-diminishing compound as I'm sure you know, which took some getting used to, but, it works very fast and very well. I have PG as well but only use it for the very worst cases now. Your new Power finish is the BEST compound I have EVER used. It's very versatile and has a glorious finish. That new addition alone did more to raise Menzerna to esteemed ranks than anything. Keep up the great work!!!:applause2:
  20. grease

    grease Birth of a Detailer

    Thanks for joining, Jeff! Power gloss, power finish, and PO85rd are all staples in my regimen. I couldnt imagine starting a detail without having these on hand. Also, Id like to say that Powerfinish is one of my favorite products ever. Its so versatile and so easy to use that for once I dont see a need to try any new product in that category. It just does everything I ask of it. Fantastic product.

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