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  1. Smith2287

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    Well guys its getting about that time of the year, time to take of my 35's and my chrome rims. Since in the winter I use the truck to snow plow with I put the stock tires and rims on for the season. All the weight and salt will destroy them and it is not worth it. My question is what should I do to prep the rims to store them in the garage for a few months. I was thinking of scrubbing the tires real well removing all the tire shine this way the dust isn't to hard to get off in the spring. As for the rims I was going to use some type of wheel cleaner to clean the fronts and the back real well. After they were clean I was going to polish them with some sort of chrome polish and them seal them with some sort of sealant. My question is which products should I use to help protect my rims and tires for a few months. I have a good size collection of products but will always by some more if there is something you guys think is better for the job. :D

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  2. D&D Auto Detailing

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    For the rims Id look into Adams and English Metal Polishes. I havent used either, but I hear good things about both. Id also store them in those big plastic bags tire shops use.
  3. Smith2287

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    The bags sound like a great idea, thanks:headbang:
  4. Dust2Glory

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    on your tires... you can use straight APC and a brush.

    for the rims, I would clean them with Meguires Chrome cleaner, polish I have heard good things about Surf City Chrome Killr. To seal them I would use Chemical Guys Jetseal, followed by a coat of Collinite 845IW.
  5. Asphalt Rocket

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    One thing I would add is if you set them on top of each other make sure to put pieces of plywood inbetween them.
  6. Smith2287

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    Yeah i have a bottle of the SC Killer Chrome which I never used before and I also have Jetseal 109, I will look into the collinite.

  7. Smith2287

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    Well I went ahead and ordered the collinite IW from AG. (trying to win that contest, I place an order twice a week, shipping is killing considering I only order 1 or 2 items a week) BUt It will be here sometime next week so I will clean them this weekend with the polish and sealant and when the AG order comes I will top them off.


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