Will It Live Up To The Hype, CD-2 I Found Some!

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  1. TheJag

    TheJag Birth of a Detailer

    I sprayed it on the engine, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then wiped all the streaking areas down with a diaper, tookk care of any irregularities and gave it a nice even finish. Pics to follow!
  2. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    I'm sorry, what? I hope it was at least a new diaper...:crasy:
  3. milabfocker

    milabfocker Jedi Nuba

    I've tried this product and wasn't overly impressed. I complied with the instructions on the product packaging and I still had to wipe engine components down to avoid streaks. Additionally, the product is a little glossy for my taste. I'll stick to Hi-Temp White Luster or Meg's Hyper Dressing; both products are more economical, do not streak, and can be cut to desired shine. Of course, this is solely my opinion.
  4. TheJag

    TheJag Birth of a Detailer

    not a baby diapoer, a diaper polishing cloth. i am not crazy haha. I bought the diapers in the wal mart car care section and they have been relegated to wiping out door jambs and other nasty work now that im pgrading all my other stuff to microfiber
  5. blucpe

    blucpe Birth of a Detailer

    trust me when i say that i'm happy if you're happy with cd-2, but i tried it because of all ythe hype and for the life of me i can't see why. mind you this is just my opinion, but after you're done spraying this stuff on the en gine you have to go back and, i don't know spread the puddles of gunk that accumulate on certain areas of the engine, i use malco's perfect 10 engine dressing, just spray and walk away, it does'nt puddle, it does'nt come out in a stream, it comes out like a fog and just adds a nice from the factory look. i wish i could show you pic's but i don't have any at the moment. beleive me this stuff imho blows cd2 out of the water. i wopuld use cd2 for my wheel wells, and i don't mean any disrespect when i say that because i think it works great there. anyway try malco's perfect 10 you will not be disappointed.
  6. MTK Kommander

    MTK Kommander Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    ive been using this stuff for years.. then autozone stopped carrying it so i buy it by the case now from amazon.com... i love this stuff because ive never been a fan of a greasy lookin engine bay..

    my m3


    fiance's civic


    my old STi


    what i love about this stuff, u can touch your engine the next day and u dont have anything on your finger..

  7. Dannyk

    Dannyk Jedi Nuba

    Been awhile since i've seen this, but saw some today at the Autozone here in se Pa.
  8. 2TONLT1

    2TONLT1 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    has anybody still seen this around? Going to check at autozone tommrow
  9. THE ONE

    THE ONE Birth of a Detailer

    i'm from the la area and the autozones around here have it still
  10. BigAl3

    BigAl3 Birth of a Detailer

    i noticed kragen also carries it as well...
  11. Tire Shredder

    Tire Shredder Jedi Nuba

    so exactly what surfaces is this designed for?

    has anybody gotten it on polished aluminum? cast aluminum? what about paint work?

    do you soak the whole engine bay down, or treat it like trm shine?
  12. skizot

    skizot DB Forum Supporter

    I know this is a rather old thread, but this is what I used exclusively for the final finish of my engine bays. I have been using this since early 2000 and I have not found another product I like more.
  13. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    No offence, but that motor looks like someone cracked open some 10-30 weight and poured it all over it.
  14. GDAL

    GDAL Guest

    It looks like that when you first apply it, but you need to close the hood with the engine running so it can dry up. It looks really nice after it dries up.
  15. MikeyC

    MikeyC Two Bucket System Washer


    When first applied it looks ridiculously shiney. Once it dries it looks AWESOME. I've stockpiled a few cans for my personal use. It's hard to find!
  16. fricker66

    fricker66 Birth of a Detailer

    I have no problem finding CD2 in the Missouri Autozones. Great stuff but a little certainly goes a long way. I use light application when needed.
  17. skizot

    skizot DB Forum Supporter

    Agreed. Some reason, it is sold out everywhere, unless you buy direct from Turtle Wax at $7.50 a can or Autozone. $4.99 and they always seem to have it in stock. I have never needed to stock pile the stuff, because it is always in stock here in Orlando.
  18. Aesop

    Aesop Jedi Nuba

    Not to my liking either.

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