Will CG citrus wash strip optiseal?

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  1. seamaster

    seamaster New Member

    I wonder if there is any information regarding what will each shampoo strip.
    Citrus wash from CG will for sure strip wax, but how about optiseal?
  2. blkSRT

    blkSRT Member

    Any soap that claims to strip wax/sealant would likely be not good for your skin.

    You'd have to at least lightly polish any respectable coating to remove it.
  3. cptzippy

    cptzippy Jedi Nuba

    Optiseal is a sealant not a coating so I believe it would remove or at least weaken it.
  4. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

    Been using Citrus Wash and Gloss for years, it is very gentle on sealants and waxes.
  5. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    I think he was referring to just the citrus wash. Having said that, I often use a strong mixture of citrus wash and gloss to remove waxes/sealants as per the manufacturer directions.
  6. doomwrx

    doomwrx New Member

    cg citrus wash not contain wax in soap !!!!

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