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    Nanolex was founded in 2007 in Ommersheim, Germany. Located in the heart of Europe, Nanolex has quickly expanded its operations as a worldwide distributor of professional car care products and now sells Nanolex brand products to retailers and suppliers worldwide. The integrity of the premium auto paint sealants and car care products rest on Nanolex's innovative 'nano-technological' design.

    The nanotech process applies three different layers of protection to car surfaces. The initial detention surface binds these three layers to the surface, then nano-parts bind the detention surface to the top anti-detention layer. The process creates a microscopic three-layer film that is incredibly strong, durable and smooth.

    Nanolex is continuously working with ultra-new sealant technology that is based at a molecular level. Research into surface coatings has been continuing for many years and this new range has a found a way to engineer sealants to provide extreme durability while offering exceptional finish. So far glass, paint, wheels, textiles and leather can be coated with Nanolex products to protect it from the elements and extend its life span.
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    Nanolex SI Finish is a new product offered by Nanolex.


    Nanolex SI Finish is a water-based sealant containing silica compounds that are designed to bond to painted and coated surfaces. Nanolex SiFinish offers an incredibly high-gloss shine combined with outstanding water beading performance and leaves the surface smooth to the touch. Nanolex SiFinish is designed to prevent water spotting, acting as a protective layer and lasting multiple months with just one application. Nanolex SiFinish provides excellent protection for months by itself, and when used on top of previously-applied Nanolex coatings it will prolong the durability significantly, as well as leaving the paintwork looking as if a fresh coat of sealant had just been applied.

    Apply Nanolex SiFinish to clean, dry, painted surfaces using a 2 - 3 sprays per panel and buff with a Nanolex microfiber cloth to high shine. Nanolex SiFinish was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

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    A day after applying nanolex ceramic coating I tried fallowing up with this. It was very...stubborn to work with. Didn't want to work into the paint at all, towels dragged across the paint, left smears on the surface. The few panels I did do, came out silky smooth in about 4 hours later but I must be doing something wrong for the issues I had?

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