Which menzerna should I buy?

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  1. mike285

    mike285 Virgin Detailer

    I want to get 2 bottles of menzerna that I will hopefully be able to use for most of my work. What do you guys recommend that will be the most versatile. I was thinking maybe fg400 and fs4000. I can buy a third if necessary but I would rather not have to. Thanks for your input.
  2. dschia

    dschia Jedi Nuba

    FG400 and SF4000 if you are using a Rupes or a DA.
  3. Ian

    Ian Jedi Nuba

    Definitely the FG400 and I love finishing with SF4500
  4. mike285

    mike285 Virgin Detailer

    I am using a PC 7424xp
  5. random

    random Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    It would help to describe what kind of "work" you're trying to accomplish. :)
    I'm a weekend warrior type of enthusiast detailer, and I've done some minor paint correction on my own cars and on friends' cars. It all depends on what you (or your client) deems is "good enough" for paint correction.
    I have FG400, PF2500, and SF4000. Basically, it's the combination of strong, medium, and light polish. I have all these three because you never know what situation you'll run into and how perfect you want the paint.
  6. mike285

    mike285 Virgin Detailer

    I am definitely a weekend warrior right now. I only work on my cars and friends and family's cars. My goal is to gain experience while doing this and possibly doing work for non friends and family in the future. Since I'm not really making money detailing, I dont really want to spend money on a bunch of different polishes. That being said I do want to make my car look as good as possible.
  7. random

    random Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Based on my (very limited) experience, both PF2500 and FG400 are good one-step polishes for a variety of cars. They are certainly not perfect, but you can get very dramatic results on daily drivers with it. The only time I choose one vs the other is depending on how bad the paint's condition is. Sometimes, you simply don't need something as strong as FG400. I also got SF4000 for light polishing. e.g., I've done a big correction on a car, and a year or so later, only a light polishing job is necessary.

    I hope this helps, from one weekend warrior to another. :) Good luck!
  8. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    Good advice, random.

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