What is with my paint? Puzzled (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by Kaban, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. 911Fanatic

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    Thanks Jesse. I'm curious as to how the citrus degreaser could potentially cause that.
  2. invaderzim

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    I'm far from an expert but I put BW on our Mazda3 about a month after we got it home and then about 3 months later did HB on it. Not a single issue (except the paint looks like it is from a much more expensive car now).

    In my never ending 'lets try this product' chain on our other car I stripped off the HB on it with Griots paint prep once and it seemed to remove it pretty well. I even used the paint prep before to remove opti-coat that was about a week old on a car and it made pretty quick work of the not-fully-cured opti-coat.

    Although I really like HB and it has held up great on the car I don't see it being a 'coating' like some of the quartz stuff and opti-coat. Which to me is a good thing. I still have a spot of CQuartz on the hood of my Z after a couple years and the paint is just too thin to try polishing it off (probably doesn't help that other waxes and sealants keep going on top of it to stretch out its life span)
    With the HB removal there wasn't an 'edge' to the cleaned area like the opti-coat had. With the opti-coat I could tell I was removing something from the paint and see where I had stopped. With the HB it just wasn't as shiny anymore and water didn't bead on it. So I am a bit curious what an A or Cquartz or an opti-coated car will look like years down the road if it is just allowed to wear off but I don't think the HB will 'fail' any more than a regular sealant of wax fails.
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    Has anyone else had issues like this before? I maybe used the ZEP Citrus (always diluted at least 1:10) once or twice a year. Never allowed it to be o the paint for more than one or two minutes as a presoak. I may have used it one time this entire year in the late spring before applying the BW, but the spots weren't present at all throughout the year.
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    What year, make and model is the car?

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