What do yall think, I'm a year in.. (its a book)

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  1. Hello all,

    Before I start, I noticed you can’t have your business name as your S/N so if this is unacceptable then please mods allow me to change it, I read the rules right after signing up.. Sorry.

    Here's what to factor:
    I live in Louisiana (right outside of New Orleans, where I-10 & I-55 meet to be exact.)
    Gas is right under $3 for 93 oct.
    Milk is around 3.50-4.50 on avg.
    Minimum wage is... I think $7.75 or close to it. I really don’t know because I’ve never been the type to look/have a job paying that low...

    I offer a mobile detail service, been in "business" for about a year now.
    I have right at about 8 years of basic experience (from basic washes to actually being employed at a full on body shop for a few years)

    Basic washes- wash and dry exterior , no wax, no clay bar, dash, panels, and clusters with interior cleaner, vac, wheels and tires naturally, and windows. Different grades of micro fibers for leather, general purpose and for glass. Roughly 2hr (I’m OCD lol)
    Cars: $40; Small trucks and SUVs (tacomas, hard bodys, rouges, etc.) $50; any full size truck and SUV $60.

    Wash and wax jobs - same as basic washes plus wax/sealant depending on color of vehicle, chromes polished, seats conditioned or scotched guarded (depending on material), (wax/sealant done with DA. cuts work time down about an hourish or so). Roughly about 4-5 hours depending one vehicle size, most people get this.
    Cars: $80; Small trucks and SUVs $100; Full sized vehicles $120.

    The works- (Or pretty much as much as I can do without wet sanding, I know how, but I’m not insured YET and I would hate to not be on my A game and mess a car up)
    Same as the previous two packages above plus clay barring, a wool pad/medium cutting agent, followed by a foam pad/swirl removal polish (these steps are between claying and wax/sealing). Minor stain removal/scrubbing (I don’t have a mini steamer as of yet but plan to buy one, my results are pretty good without one still.) anti fog on the windows interior, water repellant on the exterior. Longest recorded time was 12 hours, shortest being 8 hours, depending on the trucks previous condition.
    Cars: $125, Small trucks and SUVs $160, Full sized trucks $200

    ..Trying to think, I may be forgetting a few minor things but everything in the car gets touched on every level of detailing, at very least a minor wipe down to eliminate dust.

    I charge $30/panel if there are scratches that can be buffed out with aggressive materials (again, not wet sanding YET; Just buff, polish, then wax/sealant.)

    I charge $50 for a complete interior job (pretty much the works interior services) I will up the prices a little once a steamer is involved or make another package for just that, I don’t know yet.

    Exterior jobs a slightly cheaper than the package deals, I did a lifted jeep, wash and wax for $65. Normally it would have been $120 (see above) but since he told me not to worry about the removable top and the inside I cut the price almost in half. We were both happy and I have another monthly client...

    I don’t charge for gas within a 15 mile radius (Tri-parish area), or if I have more than one vehicle at a location to do. When I do Charge for gas its only $10 to cover a quarter tank, or an hour drive round trip. I try not to book any further than 45 mins one way.

    I work out of a 2011 GTI so everything fits, no water tank, no generator. Haven’t had hassles about using customers water/power yet so I will let that be.

    I Charge $15 more for pet hair. It’s a pain, and I like to get it ALL...

    The most common thing I’ve heard was "You've been out here for 4 hours, it looks good. It’s just a car/truck" then I have to explain to them that I enjoy what I do and I'm trying to open a shop one day and I’m going to need returning customers. Almost everyone I do calls me back after a month or two. I guess that’s a good thing.

    Cards and a Facebook page are up and that’s where my initial business comes from to be honest

    Please give me honest feedback and tips... SORRY for the book...

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