What compounds are you guys using?

Discussion in 'Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners, and Glazes' started by Joshs2013MSAltimaSL, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. ahwil_lim

    ahwil_lim Wax on..Wax off

    thanks for your input ... its helpful though

    Hm .. it seems that 105/205 most suit to DA instead of others then ...
  2. richy

    richy Guest

    Stupid Menzerna and all their confusing names!! I would recommend the SIP out of that list although I must admit, I've never heard of the Final Finish before so I don't know where it fits in. I've never used Menzerna with a DA before either, although there are lots of people who do. Invest in a range of pads and you should be golden.
  3. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    I am mostly using Menzernas newest compound - POS100. But I have many others like: Scholl Concepts S3+, 3M fast cut+, Meguiars #105, Mark V MV350 and some others.
  4. I have used SIP/Nano with my PC a lot and I got great results. It does take a long time though to break it down, but you can get good results using those polishes with a PC. I haven't tried them with the rotary yet.
  5. ahwil_lim

    ahwil_lim Wax on..Wax off

    Hi josh,

    after SIP, what are you using on finish step? :shead:

  6. I went with their Nano polish on a blue pad.
  7. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    Go for PO85RE5, it´s a great finishing polish :thumb:
  8. Dream Machines

    Dream Machines Jedi Nuba

    Gtechniq P1 3S system, Prima Cut, Prima Swirl. thats it
    600 to 900 rpm with P1, 1000 to 1900 rpm with swirl
  9. scottBT

    scottBT Birth of a Detailer

    I have used menzerna for some time now but am favouring megs #84, #83 or the poorboys ssr range, less dusty and are more workable.
    Refining with dodo lime prime, megs #80 or ssr1.
  10. raiderboy

    raiderboy Two Bucket System Washer

    My fav polish with wool and a rotary is Mark-Vs MV350. Great cut, good work time, low dust and easy clean up. Also like their Uno single polish system, cuts well with wool, then finishes real nice with a foam pad.
  11. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    I second on that the MV 350 and UNO are two great compounds.
  12. raiderboy

    raiderboy Two Bucket System Washer

    Yeah I can't understand why they're not mentioned more on the forums, although I think they're more for pro use
  13. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

    I tried removing some deep scratches on an Aston awhile back with 350 and did like 3 passes and barely made a dent. I realized at that point that I did have a little bit of 105 with me. 105 took it out in no time.

    What I have found though is that 350 and my white ccs pad on the flex 3401 work great "cleaning" the paint.

    My favorite compound is HD UNO. I am using up everything else asap so I can just keep HD UNO in stock.:thumb:
  14. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    I know a exact vice verca situation - where 350 cutted much better then 10. This is, IMO, pretty common when some compounds works better then other-

    Never tried the HD UNO tough.
  15. raiderboy

    raiderboy Two Bucket System Washer

    Does anyone know if Mark-V make the HD Uno for 3D. We've been using Mark-Vs Uno for a couple of years now, seems weird that 3D would bring out a similar product with a similar name unless they were just buying it under a private label
  16. Bernhard

    Bernhard Birth of a Detailer

    I use Scholl S03 Gold and Scholl S03+, so far this is the best compound I've tried out so far. Beats MG #105 big time..
  17. christian900se

    christian900se Obsessive Detailer

    I use Menzerna Power Gloss as my go to compound, even though it has its drawbacks. I find that if you work it in until it starts to dry out and then spritz the panel with QD or water to relubricate the polish, it will finish out very well via DA. I haven't tried in on my rotary yet, and rarely use it because it is so aggressive.
  18. AndyJ_o

    AndyJ_o Virgin Detailer

    M105 & M205 are what im working with right now, planning on ordering some menzerna SIP and PO85RD in a few weeks once im done with my Megs.
  19. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

    Never tried the S03 gold, but I have been using the beta versiono of S3+ and the new, updated S3 - they are all very good. #105 have it´s place since it cuts very fast and easy to remove.

    But my go to compound is, at the moment, Menzerna POS100.

    Will test a new compound in a couple of weeks that looks very promising, willl keep you guys posted :)
  20. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    I have HD UNO and it's great! I use 2 pea size drops per 2x2 area, but I think I'll go with m105 now. Also is po203 a good alternative to m205? And can it finish well enough in one step ?

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