VW paint thoughts?

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  1. voiceprint1

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    I got a 2017 GTI in silver, after about 1 month I went to clean and clay the car, and much to my surprise the surface was "gritty", so I washed and clayed it for about two hours, and after that tried the products I had been using on my other cars, and found them not effective at all, I found the polish I like (poorboys liquid) hazed and was really hard to remove, and the finishing wax (poorboys red) was also not releasing or spreading well.

    I washed it around 5 pm, and detailed and polished by hand out of sunlight, car was cool to the touch, about 65 degrees outside.

    The same products on my other car made it like glass? Thoughts on VW paint
  2. detailersdomain

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    what were the other cars that you worked on? where are you parking the car at night, outside, industrial area? Daily driver?
    how old are the products?
  3. KamFrUice

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    what method did you use to select and change the color of the paint? Im going to get some powder coating done and i want to change the frame color too.

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