Tire dressing... which one lasts the longest

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  1. rom

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  2. Emile

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    Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Gel. Do one coat, wait 10 minutes and buff it down, and then do another coat (without buffing down the second coat).

    This tire dressing lasts through rain and snow and whatever else winter can dish out. It's my go-to tire dressing during the worst winter months. But when it comes for the next car wash, it's also reasonably easy to strip it off if I really want it off.
  3. Rennes

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    Just ordered a tufshine kit.

    We'll see :) I'll post a thread about it.
  4. blackjz

    blackjz Jedi Nuba

    I love using SV pneau and OPT tire bond, but OOB isn't greasy at all, never tried opt tire shine though
  5. cleanfiend

    cleanfiend Jedi Nuba

    really? this stuff has been tough for me to get off of my tires. ive used apc and brushes, but it seems like there is still some left on there. I recently switched to white pearl tire dressing and am very happy. ShowroomFX white pearl is amazing stuff. It has a nice matte finish and is water based, so it isnt sticky or greasy
  6. spencer785

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    can somebody please pm where i can buy the tuf shine kit i cant seem to find anywhere that sells it. Thanks in advance
  7. stottie

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    i also have the tuff shine kit and love it. it does last a very long time. i always put three coats on when i do a car after a very good clean of the tires. i got the kit from tuff-shine.com i just used google to find it. also i put it on my nismo back around thanksgiving and now just got the car out of the garadge and it looks like it did the day i put it on.
  8. Atom Bomb

    Atom Bomb Two Bucket System Washer

    I diluted my Opti-Bond Tire Gel 1:1 with DI and for some reason my tires are browning with that. I tried it a few times and each time it browned...ended up having to strip it off and used straight opti-bond with no problems. Anyone have the same issue?
  9. richy

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    I did a review over at AG about their Forever Black tire dye and gel. It has held out well for about a week. I topped it with DP gel at the time b/c I wanted a more glossy look. It still looks amazing.
  10. P1et

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    My new favorite combo is Adam's VRT under Tropi-Care.
  11. supercharged

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    Gloss It Signature Gloss is another Amazing tire dressing. Very durable too...
  12. Ian

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    I might of missed it, but who makes tropi-care? or where can i get it?
  13. GDAL

    GDAL Guest

    They changed their name ... google showroomfx and you should be able to find White Pearl.
  14. GDAL

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    My tire dressing favorites keep changing after trying out new ones. I used to like really shinny dressings, but I'm liking the matte/slightly glossy/really black dressings more and more.

    DG 253
    SC Beyond Black
    TC White Pearl

    Haven't try Swisswax Pneu yet, but I'm happy with this trio for now.
  15. supercharged

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    SV Pneu is very similar to white pearl, but with a passion frut scent to it...I think when white pearl was created, it was targetting SV Pneu, giving same look and durability at the fraction of the cost...I still have a bottle of SV Pneu that I use it from time to time...
  16. christian900se

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    Didn't Tropicare reformulate White Pearl? I thought I remembered seeing the older version lasting longer and leaving less gloss than the new version.
  17. cleanfiend

    cleanfiend Jedi Nuba

    here is a pic of white pearl on my tires after i gave my car a quick onr wash and cleaned/redressed the tires.



    sorry for the picture quality, as always, i used my phone (god i want a dslr, lol) lighting also wasnt ideal as it was around 5pm when i finished.

    cars is still pretty much stock except for some lowering springs :sorry:
  18. mrgolfrider

    mrgolfrider DB Forum Supporter

    ^^ That is pretty much what the Pneu looks like on my tires. Is that one coat or two?
  19. cleanfiend

    cleanfiend Jedi Nuba

    that is only one coat. i think that i am going to try out multiple coats this weekend to see if it has any effect on the look
  20. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    Ok, here's the deal on white pearl.

    When I first started trying out the TC/Showroom FX brand.... the tire dressing was blotchy at best. I hated it. So I told the owner my thoughts.

    He had it reformulated into what you all know now as white pearl. There is a thicker version that's like lotion, which i use specifically for trim dressing. You have to call and ask for it, kind of like made to order.

    The owner knew nothing of Pneu when he made the tire dressing. He has his own chemist and thought it was good stuff. But we made it better.

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