Tire dressing... which one lasts the longest

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  1. kaiten408

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    Damn, I totally forgot to try that out slanguage :drinking2:
  2. TC Steve

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    The version 1 White Pearl formula will continue until further notice. There is no plan to cease its production.
  3. supercharged

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    and we will continue purchasing it. I got a gallon of it so far!!!
  4. spK

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    Waiting for my sample to come in from Heath. If it's good like everyone says it is, a gallon will be coming my way!
  5. G:Luv

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    I've been thinking about trying Blackfire tire gel. How do you guys that have used it feel it stacks up against the other dressings listed in this thread?
  6. Emile

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    I don't think that tire shines wear off very easily. I think they are extremely durable, but most tire shines lose that initial shine after a few days of driving. Don't forget that dirt gets onto the tire sidewall and will also hide the shine quite a bit and make it look like the dressing is wearing away.

    Also, the best way to maintain the initial shine is by adding a second coat of tire shine at least an hour after applying the first coat. I will often start with a Gel product for the first coat and then top it off with a spray product for the top coat. Gels tend to be more "sticky" when it comes to picking up dirt, but they are more durable and make for a great base coat. Sprays are quicker and easier to apply, don't have as much durability, and are not nearly as sticky.

    Even going with two coats of the same exact tire shine product will yield longer-lasting, shinier results.

    I received some free samples from Steve @ Tropi-Care, one of them being the White Pearl Dressing. I can't wait to try the stuff out.

    P.S. Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Gel is very durable. Two coats maintains a wet shine for quite a bit of time and gives a dark black look to the tires. Armorall Extreme Tire Shine Gel is INSANELY durable. Most wheel/tire cleaners only end up refreshing the shine during the next car wash, and the Armorall is water-based to boot. Both of these products are very non-sticky for gel tire shines. Stay away from the Black Magic Titanium Tire Wet Gel, it looks too much like smearing vaseline on the tires and picks up way too much dirt way too easily.
  7. Aesop

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    Gloss It TRV is fantastic. Its slick, not shiney and lasts for months. For shine I just apply some SV Pneu over top.
  8. Misha

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    testing opti-bond right now, put it on first time from sample i got.
    tempted to try that tufshine. wouldnt mind trying tropicare, who got a sample i can buy? or should i just get it off their website?
  9. Got Wax

    Got Wax Banned

    +1 on the Pneu. I've used Meg All Season applied with a DD 3" round foam applicator for a nice finish!!
  10. Jedidiah

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    is this a sneaky vendor i do see ? :tiptoe::tiptoe:

    nice to see they are lurking out there and willing to pipe up when proper info is needed!

    thanks :applause:
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    $23 shipped for 1 bottle of tireshine, damn. need to find couple guys and order couple to split shipping
  12. Misha

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    I don't know what is a good product, but I can tell you what not to buy. Black Magic Tire Wet. Looks great, until you drive through the rain. Then it goes away. It does do a good job with plastic trim though, and it doesn't wash off of the trim as soon as it gets wet, either. My dad has used this stuff on our cars for as long as I can remember, and I can't see why...it's not that great.
  14. rom

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  16. Greg Nichols

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    I have done almost 18 months of testing of this product. My clients LOVE it due to durability and ease of cleaning. While it needs to be reapplied to up the look, the cleaning is only done once and its not that hard. The only complaint I have is it looks a bit Plasticy at first and mattes out over time. It also has a different look on "ribbed" sidewalls vs smooth. I noticed that someone below noted the tests I did on Autopia. Again, we all have our loves but clients are diffent from us.

  17. Woob

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    Where can we get Tuf Shine and how long will say the 6 oz last?
  18. Greg Nichols

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    Google TufShine. I'm afraid if I post the direct link it might be a TOS violation here.

    A little will go a long ways, I apply 3 coats at first then apply 1 every so often as I feel it needs a little more glow.

  19. Rennes

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    Greg, I can't find where to buy that stuff. Can you PM me please? :applause2:
  20. Greg Nichols

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    Google Tuf Shine, it will come up! I think if I post the url people here will freak!


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