The BEST wheel-well brush - In my opinion :-)

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  1. PickyInPA

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    WW Brush S.png The challenge has always been getting a brush into the narrow opening between the tire and fender-well.

    I have a cabinet full of tested and failed wheel-well brushes. Every available commercial brush - Including, the most resent suggestion, toilet-bowl brushes.

    Until now, I have been using the Speed-Master - With the unfortunate negative side-effect of scuffing. See attachment.

    Then, there is my newest pickā€¦ The cobweb duster-brush! No scratching, with the added benefit of an easy reach to the back of the tire.
  2. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    Thanks a million for this! Been looking for a great tool to get fenders for a while!
  3. PickyInPA

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    ppp1.jpg If you want to upgrade from the $5.00 home-center brush to a fuller-head brush... See attachment. Then, if you are concerned about scratching the outside of the wheel-well... Use a pipe-wrap.
  4. ampbmw

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    Can you clarify what you use as the handle? Link?

  5. PickyInPA

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    I used the first brush-head with an existing screw-on multi-use handle... At times it would come un-screwed. But as an inexpensive experiment... It was a success.

    Then I did some research and found the attached. This head is much fuller; And the handle is a multi-use snap-on. Which resolved the first test setup.

    Also, with the new set-up there is no need for the foam-sleeve.

    Does this help?

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