The beauty of black paint SL55 and Opti Coat

Discussion in 'Show and Shine' started by tdekany, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

  2. InsanePaint

    InsanePaint Pro Detailer

    Keep it up son!! KILLER so far!!
  3. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

  4. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

  5. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

  6. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    That looks sick!!! Excellent work man!
  7. kyle butler

    kyle butler Birth of a Detailer

    Looks like the T-1000 from Terminator 2. awesome job!
  8. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

  9. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    Great work, looks substantially better
  10. Luke Wooldridge

    Luke Wooldridge Virgin Detailer

    mercedes always seem to have the worst paint/clear when it comes to swirls/scratches! agreed?
  11. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    Outstanding save . That puppy was hammered !!!
  12. Denzil

    Denzil DB Forum Supporter

    Great work there, Thomas!

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