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    I feel like this is an overlooked aspect of wheel and tire care. Many times I have come across an otherwise perfect condition wheel and tire set, only to find the rotor hat stained, rusted, and discolored.

    I've personally found that even cleaners that are perfectly safe for wheel cleaning, if sprayed on to a dry wheel and rotor hat, can stain the rotor hat irreversibly.

    It's especially sad to see brand new cars with beautiful wheels and a stained or already rusty rotor hat in showrooms. The extremely harsh cleaners minimum wage car washers spray all over the wheel assemblies does insane damage to the rotor hat.

    I think i'd like to get more information on how to properly care for this aspect of wheel and tire care.

    Currently, my approach is to mainly make sure the braking assembly is utterly cool to the touch so no chemicals will flash stain. I also think it is important not to spray chemicals onto a dry wheel and brake assembly, but to first spray it down with water to keep the chemicals diluted and flowing with the water already on the wheel/ brakes.

    I also have been a bigger fan of the milder wheel cleaners like Griot's original wheel cleaner combined with some careful brushing with car wash soap instead of the popular sonax/pressure washer approach. I have found that even the holy sonax wheel cleaner, if sprayed onto brake rotor hats dry, can stain :(

    I'd like to get the ball rolling about this topic, and hopefully gather more information from you guys as well!

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