Street Dreams Detail - Ferrari 458 Spider Extensive Paint Correction...

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by dsms, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. SRT8Spartan

    SRT8Spartan DB Forum Supporter

    brought back to the glory it deserves, well done!
  2. DaytonaJae

    DaytonaJae Birth of a Detailer

    Gorgeous car and great job! Wow to see that many imperfections on a white car (a 458, even...) you wonder how the heck that ever happened to begin with.
    Great attention to detail :)
  3. Daydream Believer

    Daydream Believer Birth of a Detailer

  4. Upper Class Detailing

    Upper Class Detailing DB Pro Supporter

    great job Dave!
  5. ACE2790

    ACE2790 Jedi Nuba

    Definitely amazing work, plus ferrari's look sexy to begin with anyway.
  6. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Block sanded with Megs 2k unigrit then bumped to 3k wet on the DA after.

    It's all new Ferrari cars doesnt matter the color, shame but thats how it is.

    The same poor finishing works comes from Lamborghini, Porsche (not as bad) and Aston Martin which is by far the worst offender, we see it as ridiculous but most car owners don't realize their cars have these issues. The ones
  7. bryansbestwax

    bryansbestwax DB Forum Supporter

    I can't figure this out. They can paint the ceiling of a Chapel with great intricacy, but f-up on a simple car. Great work as always.
  8. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    Great work as always Dave !
  9. drew935

    drew935 Auto Salon Works

    Bryan, artists paint those ceilings. The guys finishing up the paint a Ferrari are not artists.
  10. bryansbestwax

    bryansbestwax DB Forum Supporter

    your telling me. Maybe they need artists. I was making a crack as I have spent time in a production paint shop.
  11. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    They aren't even craftsmen. Just tradesmen.
  12. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    Also, you have to remember, the market for finely finished paintwork this we all appreciate is about the size of the market for Breitling watches or Ascot Chang dress shirts. Only a discerning few appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it, and the rest are either happy with lesser quality, or simply aren't discerning enough in that area to know the difference.

    I'm a pre-dentistry major, but I took a marketing class for fun last year, and learned how markets work. There is a huge plus to marketing yourself as an elite service, only for exclusive automobiles. While that may be offensive or "snoody" to most, it's exactly what that discerning few are begging for, and they're willing to pay big bucks for it. It's the same concept behind the Ritz Carlton hotels, Burberry clothing, Kiton fine suit makers, etc...HECK, it's even the same concept behind marketing a brand like Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. You're capturing a market that already exists that have extra income and want to buy something that sets them apart as elite and most of the people in that market have fine discerning tastes and appreciation for finer craftsmanship. When I learned that, I stopped taking details for Tahoes and Hondas. Not that I don't like Tahoes and Hondas, in fact the Tahoe is one of my favorite SUV's, but that's not where our market is. I actually found that clients liked my services more knowing I only work in elite collector and exotic type cars, because it gave them a sense of superior quality work they were receiving, and to them the value of my service was much greater, because they saw me as a luxury delivering superior customer delight. Something only "discerning" people can appreciate, and even afford. Same concept behind why you pick the Ritz over the Marriot for that special weekend getaway.
  13. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    Great job Dave !!
  14. SoCal Garage

    SoCal Garage DB Forum Supporter

    It would be interesting to learn the differences of taking possession of your Ferrari directly from the factory versus elsewhere. Given the many thousands of miles that these automobiles are shipped, the various car jockeys handling them in between, and the journey to the showrooms, makes for a lengthy process where so much can occur. One would think that Ferrari realizes these factors so a finely-detailed high-end vehicle might best be left at the end of the delivery chain. I don't know, I'm just speculating. Does anyone here know the chain-of-delivery of any the exotics, including Porsche?

    P.S. I'm pretty impressed with these "tradesmen" work. ;)
  15. drew935

    drew935 Auto Salon Works

    My buddy's new scud with a special $$$$$ paint job straight from the factory even had some peeling paint on the bumper. It was...ugh
  16. amercour

    amercour Birth of a Detailer

    That looks brilliant! The car looks new for the first time.
  17. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Very well said. BTW I may not be able to afford a proper Kiton 3 piece suit but I do love their cologne, quality is quality!

    I have said this probably a dozen times before but truthfully I'm happy cars come like this from the factory, high end detailing is a fairly small niche market to begin with and customers who KNOW what these cars look like and what they can look like choose to seek out those with the skills to fix it. Those who don't notice it simply don't care.... you've all seen the Ferrari or Lambo owner do something like sit on their hood or put a cup of coffee on their top, what makes you think they are panicking over swirls and sanding scratches?
  18. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    I actually saw both of those very things happen today at Cars and Coffee. I had several gentleman ask me about the finish on my M3 this morning, and I ended up drawing a crowd of about 10 at a time to ooh and ah over my "no swirl paint" as they called it. Needless to say, I'll be busy this summer :)
  19. drew935

    drew935 Auto Salon Works

    /\/\ awesome! Now you can share the love and grow your clientantel!

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