Street Dreams Detail - 2013 BMW M5 & M6 Photoshoot + My detail truck..

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by dsms, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    Dave both of those cars are awesome! I have never seen white give off so much gloss . . . . im actually liking the white and mind you i normally hate white. I'm also a huge fan of the blue as well!

    As for the detail rig, simply amazing. Seems like a lot of people are going with the NV Cargo vans . . . . V6 or V8?

    When are you going to make a thread about your van and show us the setup!
  2. EbbeJ

    EbbeJ Jedi Nuba

    Spitzenklasse! Looking good Dave, like the blue very much, it has a nice depth to it.

    Kind regards,

  3. Peacemaker

    Peacemaker Two Bucket System Washer

    Beautiful work... I love them both. The blue pops so well. The White looks super clean. Love everything. Do my car next? Thanks :)
  4. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    NV is great, little top heavy but an extremely well thought out vehicle. I got the V6.

    The truck is getting re-wraped in a different color I will post pics of it and the kitted out inside when finished!
  5. DAC17

    DAC17 Virgin Detailer

    Do you do a lot of detialing work for New Country BMW, or was it just a fluke that both cars were purchased there?
  6. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    I don't do any dealer work really. The cars were just bought from the same place at the same time.
  7. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    Dave you're killing it all the way!!
  8. Mpower4life

    Mpower4life DB Pro Supporter

    damn you Dave.... damn you..... As someone would say..... the cleanness.
  9. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    Dave, yes please do. That would be awesome to see how you organized everything for sure! I'm digging the current wrap that's on the van, it looked awesome man.

    Look forward to the finished product. How is it on gas?
  10. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    You are one of the best detailers in the world Dave!
  11. Auto Concierge

    Auto Concierge DB Pro Supporter

    "In the world" :tiptoe: walking softly and basking in the "J ness" as it cascades all around us.
  12. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Will do. Gas is pretty terrible I get 408miles on a tank which is more than most but I average around 11mpg I'd say
  13. dblackn

    dblackn Two Bucket System Washer

    Very Nice!
  14. waynvision

    waynvision Two Bucket System Washer

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll Nooooooooiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccceeeeee! (Real Nice, Man!)
  15. Dee Gee 123

    Dee Gee 123 Virgin Detailer

    Great work as always Dave!

    Sent using my thumbs. ;)
  16. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    The van looks really nice dave. Looks like you have the VQ40DE motor which is what I have in my Xterra. From what I understand it's pretty bulletproof.

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