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    uhh....I think this is a bad idea. There is no doubt that prolonged heat exposure is bad for the car, but won't this cause thermal stressing for the paint? I dont know how many of you have steam cleaned something, but have you noticed that it never comes 100% clean? Imagine that with dirt...except it is being scraped against your paint. In my head it doesn't make a ton of sense. I mean if water could offer enough lubrication to remove dirt why do we use QD...why not just water on a dirty car? I think that steam will never provide ample lubrication. Maybe at a high enough pressure it might be able to blast off dirt, but I would be concerned about the paint and how safe it is.
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    I kndly disagree with you on this. As far as thermal stress of the paint, the paint recieves far more themal stress by sitting in the sun, than it ever could receive by steam. Steam is an eco-friendly method of cleaning that allows you to use less water. When used in combination with a product like ONR and using the steam as a rinse, the car is very clean when you are done, and you used probably 2/3 less water than using the regular wash method. Having used a Therma Steem (both electric and propane models), I was very impressed with how easy steam could be a part of my wash method. This is really helpful for drought season.
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    You could be right. I have no idea...I just figured that the sun is more or less gradual and streaming a car is rather instantaneous in temperature change. In my head I imagine paint being like a glass thermometer, if it is slightly colder than the ambient air temperature and you drop it into a boiling hot substance it will crack/break, versus having a thermometer slowly boiling in a solution up to the same temperature.

    You do have me rather interested though. How does one incorporate a steamer into the ONR process, and did this process give you scratch free results. Would you happen to know how well this works on very dirty cars? I am really interested because, as you may or may not know, Calgary Bylaw's do not permit us to use soap to wash our cars. Something that doesn't involve flushing soap down the storm sewers might be a great solution.
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    Thinking out loud- wondering what 212F steam vapor would do to a porous water-based paint, would it affect paint adhesion?
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    Well ONR by itself is a wonderful solution to your problem. ONR is very good with fairly dirty vehicles (ecspecially when they are first pre-rinsed with ONR qd strength). ONR however when combined with steam give you a one-two combination that can easily remove most dirt while keeping the agitation to a minimum to avoid scratching. My process in a nutshell is:

    Steam pre-rinse
    Steam rinse.
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    All this info is very interesting, I don't know about using it on the exterior but I saw the clips about the use on the interior and I really want one!!!!! I am interested in the Desiderio vapor steamer that is a all in one unit vac,steamer, and extractor. THe thing is a little pricey but if it can extract and steam well it is definitely worth the money.
  7. howareb

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    I have heard bad things about the Desiderio for detailing. Also, I have heard that the service is not that great. It is a great idea in theory, but the performance is sub par.
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  9. Nica

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    I've too have read some reviews on the Desiderio and a few members brought up that the Desiderio dosen't have much extracting power but mind you the Desiderio was being compared to a Mytee and I don't think it's fair to compare the Desiderio to a Mytee, to me they are completely different machines.

    But any who, that's what I've read :shrug:

    I too am very interested on purchasing a steamer, I know the one I want it's just a mater of I hate waiting :waiting:
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    I am in the market for a steam cleaner..I have been doing a lot of research...I want a good one the long run it pays for its self more chemicals like APC...brake dust cleaners...and such...I have looked at and tried a few so far...

    There is a government auction coming soon near me and they have commercial ones going up with a Max (variable) 100PSI steam head and constant steam...if the price is right I may grab one ....

    this is the kind of unit I am looking for....with out the vaccum on it....I have a MyteeHP60 so no need for the extractor on it.... RH: Super Vapor 8, 220 Volt Commercial - Industrial VAPOR STEAM CLEANER With Vacuum extractor

  11. V.I.P.E.R

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    i agree vapor machines' are well known in europe for many years' vapor meaning steamer in usa is one of the best ways' to clean a car in an out just hard to find a good company and machine that is 110v they are mostly 220v which is hard for a detailer that is why kevin has the two units' he sells' i have the vapor chief which is from therma-clean but you have to buy from him had some problems' when i 1st got it they are getting worked out as we speak more on this unit later as for the vapor master awsome unit and i'm getting one also as we speak for a backup unit pricey yes but once you use one and see the money you save in time and products' you will never go back

    eric call me back damn it lol

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