stand up if you'd rather roll dirty than wash improperly

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  1. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    Take pride in your dirty ride versus letting a dealer or wash lot damage your baby! Wait till you can tackle it properly yourself or let a pro handle it!
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  2. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    i get comments about my car at work being a little dirty at times but my reply is always that my main concern is the condition of the surface under the dirt not that there's no dirt on top of it. It only takes a wash to remove dirt but it takes days to remove damage if it even can be removed!
  3. flatstick

    flatstick Birth of a Detailer

    no way I would let a dealer wash my rides. I am the only one who can wash and dry them. like you said one bad wash can equal a lot more correction and loss of clear then needs to happen.
  4. StreetShotz

    StreetShotz New Member

    I work at a dealership and they do more damage than the people who buy the vehicles.

    If a black car is on the lot for more than a week it needs 2 days in detail to fix the hack job of a wash they attempt on the cars.
    I will not let ANYTHING there touch my car however I sometimes bring my own stuff and use there pressurewasher simply for the fact that it has a filtration system on the water so there is never water spots.
  5. jnicklo

    jnicklo New Member

    I noticed that a lot of dealers are letting the cars stay dirty longer.
  6. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    I too work at a BMW dealer and they claim they "do a great job" "no need to worry about swirls" "we use the best products" rubbish....I've watched them use brushes that sit bristles down on the pavement and brush a whole car without even using soap!!!! They squirt degreaser on the wet paint and brush it in ...rinse it off and use a dirty old chamois to scrub more swirls into the car.

    THE main lesson to learn is, when someone doesn't speak english, gets paid $9 an hour to wash cars, how in the world is he going to do it right?
  7. Chadwilliam1

    Chadwilliam1 New Member

    When I took my truck into the dealer and told them no matter what do not wash it. The guy looked at me funny and typed it in. Next time i will leave a note on the windshield. I didnt realize so many people let their vehicles go through those scratch machines.
  8. DFG_magic

    DFG_magic New Member

    Totally agree! Would rather ride dirty!

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