So what's ur edge story?

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  1. GBS

    GBS Wax on..Wax off

    Of the 4 Shmitts I have had so far the have all fell apart except my black wheel ShMitt. I also gave my dad a ShMitt and he told me it also fell apart.
  2. Woob

    Woob Jedi Nuba

    Gone through 2 sets of DA Classic pads, 1 E2k Adapter, 2 E2k pads, 2 Schmitts... I have bad luck. They have GREAT customer service.

    Seems like their Wool pads are only a good option, but I'm wondering if LC is a safer option...
  3. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    I only have the purple foam wool pad from LC and like them, never tired Edge wool pads. But it seems they r ok
  4. Woob

    Woob Jedi Nuba

    I don't think I want to go with Edge, just seems like more of a headache to switch to the adapter while liking CCS foam pads. What abrasiveness is the purple wool?

    Do have to say, if Edge used the durable foam like LC, auto centering + adapter would work fine. That's my biggest issue that I've heard from experienced polishers.
  5. gmblack3

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    Who else sells the new edge adapter besides for geek?
  6. David Fermani

    David Fermani DB Certified Manufacturer

    I've been using EDGE foam pads (single sided classic) for over 10 years & I've never had 1 issue with them. I've recently tried the 7.5 LC CCS pads because of the smaller size with centering hole and like them too. But, one thing I've noticed is they don't last as long as EDGE & out of the 6 pads I've tried, none of the centering holes are centered? I've also been using the LC white & yellow wool pads for a long time and prefer them over EDGE wool. I don't see the need to have 5 levels of wool for defect removal.
  7. dengood1

    dengood1 Birth of a Detailer

    I haven't purchased any simply because of some of the reviews. I do have two ShMitts and love them both.....especially the black one.
  8. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    I agree David, I dont see the sense in having the different levels of wool either. I prefer the 3M wool, tried the Edge wool and they didnt do much in correct. Also tried the Meguiars W5000 wool, pretty much the same as the 3M wool. As far as the foam pads they just didnt give as good results as the LC pads. I still have a bunch of Edgw pads still in the plastic bags unopened. Plus with all the problems they had with the adaptor why take chances.
  9. MikeyC

    MikeyC Two Bucket System Washer

    A lot of people on here who seem to have had some problems with their Edge products. I'm a little surprised by that, but I guess "different strokes for different folks."

    After a really bad experience with LC I looked around for another pad company and found Edge. I've been nothing but happy with my decision. I had a set of 6" flat pads which I used at least a year or two and they still looked brand new. They weren't used everyday, but they were used. I never had one problem with them or the adapter for my PC. I also bought a ShMitt right when they came out. I'm still using the same ShMitt to wash my car today. Except for a few slices in the face that looks like new too and it gets used practically every week.

    The best part about Edge though is their customer service. I bugged Aaron a while back that he should make 4" pads. A few months later I get a box with a few 4" Edge pads in the mail and a short time after that they're in regular production. Recently, I started bugging him about making an adapter for the Flex. Last I heard it should be out this month. Not to mention the countless times I've read a thread where an Edge product broke and it was replaced immediately at no cost. :thumb:

    MWAUTOPRO Jedi Nuba

    I have always had good luck with edge. Wool pads and cyclo pads.

    As for the schmitts I think what most people forget is that they are going to show wear better then a normal mitt. There is nothing to hide or protect it, it is just 2 pieces of foam. I have had schmitts I have washed 500 cars with and no problems, you just have to take care of them.
  11. David Fermani

    David Fermani DB Certified Manufacturer

    You're right about the ShMITT. Like all wash media, their not made to last a long time. I don't think I've had a sheepskin or synthetic mitt last 100 wahses. I think the whole wash mitt industry is in turmiol because of the recent awakening of the HD grout sponge.
  12. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    One thing I love about edge is the CS. Aaron is a really nice guy!

    To be 100% honest I wouldn't buy an edge system for DA use. I know if something failed they would take care of me, but I like having a proven system. I use their products for the rotary. Their wools are really nice. I have only use the foam ones a few times, and they are the wave ones. I like them.
  13. MikeyC

    MikeyC Two Bucket System Washer

    Excellent point! :applause:

    When the ShMitt came out using a foam based wash media was a major faux pas. :yikes: Sheepskin or cotton chenille was the accepted standard. Those mitts for me at least lasted 6 months at the most. Now that we have the ShMitt, the Ulti-Mitt, and the grout sponge as commonly accepted foam wash media I think the bar for durability has been set much higher.

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