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  1. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba

    I have a customer tommorow with sharpie marks on the back of their head rests (cloth).

    Any suggestions on how to get them out?

  2. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    oh man . . . . . i don't think so man. I know they make cleaners for ink marks but you would probably need to source it out and order it.
  3. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    Try Folex as it has worked well for me in the past
  4. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    godoman, please take pictures and document what ever you try as well as your findings, I'm sure this will prove useful to others in the future. You could also try asking boredstudent on here as he has done MANY soccer mom minivans and I don't doubt for a second that he's possibly had to tackle a sharpie mark at some point in time.
  5. premshine09

    premshine09 Jedi Nuba

    Folex might be the answer or at least help- grain alcohol (everclear) also has worked well for me in the past on an S4- clients kid drew with a ball point pen on his suede seats and the grain alcohol took care of it.

    good luck
    - Dan
  6. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba

    Does grain alchohol hurt the fabric? i searched online and found that rubbing alchohol and magic eraser are the most prefered/used methods.

    Joeyv, thanks for pointing that out, pics will be coming

  7. premshine09

    premshine09 Jedi Nuba

    Never had a problem the two times I have used it on both cloth and suede- always could dilute it down and try on a test spot- like for example inbetween the back of the seat and the bottom- put back of chair down all the way and get in that hidden area.
  8. artemis53

    artemis53 Jedi Nuba

    Also, this is one time I would assume some heat will be your friend! And to add to what others have already said, what about those tide-to-go color safe bleach pens? Or any other color safe bleach? And according to Google, although you obviously would have to be VERY careful with these, and attempt at your own risk,

    -graffiti remover
    -oxi clean

    And you could always try removing the headrest if it will unzip and throw it in the wash!
  9. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba

    So i never heard from the customer the next day and asked them how they were dealing with the sharpie marks and offered suggestions that i heard from everyone on here. just trying to give good customer service.

    Turns out they used oxy clean and some scrubbing with a brush, i was shocked to hear they went this rout but it worked for them and did not discolor the fabric

    Learn something new every day.....
  10. roger koh

    roger koh Virgin Detailer

    Use a waterbased product, to prevent damages to either leather finish or foam swelling.

    Here are examples of proven success on permanent marker removal.

    Sharpie Permanent Marker Removal - Leather





    Sharpie Permanent Marker Removal - Fabric


  11. SoCal Garage

    SoCal Garage DB Forum Supporter what exactly did you use in the way of product to remove said stains? Thanks.
  12. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    The power of Photoshop.

    JK...but I'm very curious.
  13. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    I believe he is a Distributor for Leather Masters products out of somewhere in Canada I think.
    So, I assume he is using his Leather Masters products for this .
    Dan F

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