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    And 2 thumb up for Mike at - I changed my order multiple times and having to ship cross country I must say they were incredible - ridiculous fast email response and patience only a nun would have with all the questions and changes..

    So onto the mini review...

    I bought this product because on my silver car I can see some really nasty ^%$ behind my wheel wells, I assume from winter. Also I figured seeing as wheels take forever this should be a very formidable cleaner..

    On my wheels I was blown away! I was able to clean them with minimal agitation with an old clean wax applicator as the purple crap just ran off the face and down the inner barrels, I hardly touched the wheels - only 1 or 2 small crannies i didnt spray in and used a regular hose trigger to spray off.

    On my paint I sprayed it behind the wheels, and a light mist over each panel it was like I had a 2 colored car after the spray turned purple as it reacted. Behind my wheels was dark purple with a ton of metal fallout, i clayed the car after and it was pretty clean but I think i had some sap from the trees nothing elses

    As per Mikes recommendation I used a tiny little agitation to be sure the iron gunk was gone for sure and then sprayed it off. I probably only let it dwell for a couple minutes but it worked, the paint was actually silver again instead of speckled.

    Mike said he has tested this and said that if you can endure the smell of it you can rinse it with a no-rinse wash from optimum company? I bought some of it too to try but I forgot as I was too excited watching lol.

    I give this product a 9.5 out of 10 even though I am new to all the cool detailing stuff only lost a half point due to a little strange smell. I want to thank you guys for influencing and supporting impulse buying :)

    Pics to come - my computer does not recognize my own camera so I will need to upload them to photobucket another way

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