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    Hi all,

    Sadly summer and warm weather is coming to an end soon, and easy exterior maintence washes are soon gone too. I have a question to anyone who has experience wiht winter salted raods. My brother plows for the state highway during the winter months here in southern new england and has been worried about the damage the salt will cause to his thuck chasis and underbody, aftre every plow shift is over he takes to our garage and washes the whole thing to get the 12 hr+ biuld up of slush an dsalt off the truck, but he heard obout a road salt nuetralizer that you spay on and rinse off to precent it from causing alot of damage to the truck. Its called Eastwood Road Salt Neutralizer. The link for the info on it is

    Eastwood Road Salt Neutralizer Gallon

    :I believe I can post the link, if I am mistaken sorry in advance, So what do you guys think, Is this any better than normal car soap and a regular wash after his shift. I also heard about making a baking soda and water mixture as well.

    Thanks for any info/advice
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    never heard of this, but it's an interesting product nonetheless.

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