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    The purpose of this are is to help other members get products either over the counter or online that the DB Certified Dealers currently are not selling. So if you find a great sale localy or online feel free to post it to help out your fellow detailer brothers/sisters with link if possible.

    Now the rules are as follows:
    • You may post a sale of a certain product and a link just as long as you are not affiliated with the website or product.
    • You may post the product and link just as long as the existing DB Certified Dealers don't carry the same product. DB Certified Dealers will always have first crack if I’m not mistaken the correct term is called right of refusal.
    • Should a Detailing Bliss member purchase products for another member those deals are to be done off line, you may use the PM feature to work out details but any deals that are worked out between members is there responsibility. Detailing Bliss will not be held responsible nor will settle any arguments. Should arguments come up and affect Detailing Bliss the section and members can be removed and banned.
    • The rules are subject to change and as circumstances arise the rules will be amended. If your uncertain about a post your about to make feel free to check with me first.

    Always keep in mind that the intention of this section is to simply help please don't take advantage of it as it could result on this section disappearing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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