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  1. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    So I originally purchased a 1600psi Karcher unit new off kijiji (before really doing the research) and here were the issues I had with it:

    - Source water hose connection leaked constantly
    - Would not work with my MTM foam cannon
    - Cycled constantly
    - Lacked pressure
    - No hose reel
    - No power cord reel
    - Only a spot for a lance without the end

    After a year and only using it a couple times:

    - No pressure (less then a normal hose sprayer)
    - Fixed the leak by doubling up on the orings, immediately caused the unit to fill with water and leak from the vents.

    Needless to say, I will never buy another Karcher unit.

    Now onto the new one:

    I picked up the Cleanforce unit last night for a couple hundred bucks from home depot. Comes with a 2 year warrenty. Here are the pro's right off the top:

    - Unit is as compact as my previous unit
    - Has a hose reel
    - Has a power cable reel
    - It has a metal lance (Which is heavier, and significantly studier then the plastic Karcher lance)
    - Standard quick disconnect ends (it comes with three different ones, 15, 40, Soap)
    - Wheels that actually work well
    - Can work laying down, or standing up
    - The unit is about twice as heavy for the same size as the Karcher and it feels solid
    - Detergent tank for around the house stuff

    Connected the source hose, NO LEAKS for the first time in forever.

    Fired it up:

    - Louder, not as loud as gas, but double the loudness of the Karcher
    - Great pressure (actually feels like it'll clean something)
    - Cycles on with the trigger pulled, and off when trigger is not pulled.

    So far, I'm impressed.

    The universal quick disconnect fitting that came with my MTM was a little bit to long to work with this lance so I'm going to pick up a quick disconnect fitting from Home Depot after work, and hopefully, this will be the first time I'll actually be able to see my foam cannon work properly.

    Pictures to follow.
  2. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    I have the same one for 2 years now still going strong :)
  3. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    That's excellent news :), do you foam with it as well?

    Just grabbed the quick fitting, and noticed that for those looking for higher power ends (like 0 degree and 10 degree) for cleaning patio stones or walkways they sell 4 packs at home depot with different spray nozzles for CAT PW's that look like they'll fit right up as well :)
  4. joffems

    joffems Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thanks for the review. I've been contemplating one of these units.

    Out of interest, do you know if the Karcher unit was originally from Crappy Tire? I believe CT sell cheaper units manufactured especially for them which is disappointing. My last Karcher which died in the fall lasted 15 years, was abused to no end, was never winterized and lived in the garage.
  5. mrgolfrider

    mrgolfrider DB Forum Supporter

    No pictures? Fail!! LOL
  6. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    Yes the unit I'm pretty sure was purchased by the original owner from Canadian Tire, and I have heard that these units are essentially garbage. BUT I also haven't come across a Karcher unit I was truly impressed by. I'd be willing to give them a try, but I'd be wary about making another actual purchase of their product.

    Haha I know... give me a second and I'll take some images of the fitting and the sprayer ends and I'll put them up :)
  7. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    Ok so here is difference between the universal that came with the MTM (left) and the one I just bought (right) you can see the one on the right is a little shorter with a longer shoulder.


    The orange tip you see here is the type of end that is used with the Cleanforce. This orange tip is the 15 degree tip.


    This is the quick fitting style the Cleanforce uses. It's easily available for replacement, although I doubt you'll have to. It's fast, and trouble free.


    I'll take some foam images later today :)
  8. Jaddie

    Jaddie Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Dear Tweaked & Friends

    I've had this unit since Christmas 2011 and it's worked well. This year it began cycling a lot when it wasn't being used, but the pressure seemed the same to me.

    I emailed Force Tools's support and was advised to purge the unit of air by running it without power for three to four minutes. Of course I'd already done that, but I did it several more times and didn't make any progress. I emailed Force Tools's support again and am being offered a replacement unit.

    I'm ambivalent about sending my unit in because I do like it. It powers my MTM Hydro foamer well.

    The only thing I don't like about the machine is its short high pressure hose. I need about another eight feet to comfortably spray the rear of our Odyssey. And though the washer is rated at 1800 psi, mine has a decal on the back of it stating the unit has a working pressure of about 1300 psi.

    I'm currently battling tremendous lust for the Ryobi 3100-psi/2.5-gpm Honda-powered washer from Home Depot, but I can't complain too much about my Cleanforce unit. It gets the job done and apparently is backed by stellar support. The Ryobi washer just looks sexy to me, and I know it'd deliver foam with the consistency of shaving cream.

    I believe my wife paid US$149.95 minus 20 percent for our Cleanforce washer back in December 2011. She bought it from Home Depot.

    Honestly, if the machine went toes-up on me now, I could say we got our money out of it. I use it on my wife's car and my van, my father-in-law uses it for vehicles and various other things, and I used it to wash my mother's deck, detached garage, and porch.

    At least on paper the Cleanforce 1800HD competes with Karcher's $290 K5.540 and K5.740. The Karchers don't have quite the warranty of the Cleanforce, though I'd assume they have a superior motor and pump. But they cost twice as much. In my opinion one Karcher K5.740 isn't worth two Cleanforce 1800HDs.

    Enjoy your washer.

    Prospective buyers, go ahead and try this one. Save your receipt. If you don't like it, return it to Home Depot within thirty days.

  9. piginapoke

    piginapoke Obsessive Detailer

    Electric Pressure Washer — 1.5 GPM, 1800 PSI, Model# MC1800N | Electric-Cold Water| Northern Tool + Equipment


    Got it two weeks ago for $159 - $20 coupon $139 plus tax

    I bought one from HD @169 and they would not price match Northern Tool @ $159 plus the $20 coupon. The hose, that is to short at 20ft is not long enough but that seems to be the standard length of <$300 machines, I will be locating a coupling and adding another 20 footer or replacing the hose with a 50ft. If I had the money I would buy the AR AR630 - Blue Clean Professional 1900 PSI Hand Carry (Electric-Cold Water) Pressure Washer W/ Brass Head
    Though for the price I can buy 4.5 clean force machines. I know these two are apples to oranges, and I am barely able to buy an apple.

    I own a Honda powered 2800 psi 2.5 GPM unit and never use it, its too loud and I don't like shutting it off and restarting it. I don't think I will ever go back to using a gas machine.
  10. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

  11. Jaddie

    Jaddie Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Dear pigiinapoke

    Great find!

    The Honda washer is too loud? Really? So you've already used your Cleanforce washer and find it noticeably quieter than the Honda? Mine is kind of loud, but my father-in-law's really old (15+ years) Karcher electric is even louder.

    I really need to hear that Honda washer in person. When I hear them in YouTube videos, they sound like my lawnmower, which is only slightly louder than my Cleanforce washer.

    Your Honda washer about the best thing the MTM Hydro foam lance ever met.

  12. Jaddie

    Jaddie Any Rag Vehicle Washer

  13. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    It foams great it flows 2 GPM . I have a Camspray and Polished bliss cannons . Foaming has more to do with your soap mixture and settings.
  14. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    That CamSpray look very nice, compact and has good specs. I have a Karcher X2000 and it's doing a decent job, I have a huge problem with the pipe reel as it kinks every time I take it out and the wire reel has broken off (who knew plastic breaks?) I'll replace it as soon as I need to.
  15. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    Well I shot some foam on Friday before I took off. A couple ounces of Detailers Pride Xtreme Foam mixed with water. And here is the result with zero fiddling around:

  16. Jaddie

    Jaddie Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Dear Tweaked

    I think that's about what I saw with the same shampoo and washer.

    Optimum Car Wash foams even better, and call me crazy but after washing with Optimum Car Wash, the paint seems to get glossier about an hour or two afterward.

    Was your air valve set to wide open? That's where mine stays.

  17. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    Hey Jaddie,

    Actually it was not set wide open, maybe half actually, but I didn't really mess around with it so I'll try wide open like you suggest.

    Optimum foams even better then Xtreme foam eh? I'll have to put that on my list with I run out of extreme foam :)

  18. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    I use Adam's car shampoo foams great :)
  19. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    Not too many people carry Adams out here but I'll keep an eye out for it :)
  20. Kate Bowman

    Kate Bowman New Member

    This is an old post, I know, but is the Cleanforce still a good washer? Better/worse than anything on this list? Searching for a bday present for my husband :/

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