Removing what the detailers left behind

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by Jordon, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Jordon

    Jordon Two Bucket System Washer

    Ugh! My car was in for repairs after a freak accident involving a weedwacker and my car window happened. They thought they were doing me a favor by "detailing" the inside. It is now just a greasy mess and they even did the steering wheel! I could barely get a grip!!!

    What are some tips on safetly removing this "dressing" they put on. I honestly didn't think they would do anything as the car was clean clean clean, just a bit dusty.

    It's a leather(ette) interior, all black. I have only been using Einszett Cockpit to clean the interior since I got the car last year. I ordered some OPT Optimum Opti Clean Cleaner & Protectant and the OPT Optimum Power Clean as well.

    If I dilute the Power Clean, do you guys think that would remove this greasy crap? Tips?
  2. shawn05sti

    shawn05sti Virgin Detailer

    I have used OPC at 1:3 on the leather on both my G37 and my brothers TL, it worked well. I found the Sonax carpet cleaner does wonders on the seats and is a good quick mild cleaner.
  3. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    yep, OPC diluted to 1:3 or 1:5 depending, then follow up with your favorite interior dressing.

    I think the dealerships use jerry curl juice and vasaline when they clean cars.
  4. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    There are many great products out there. I use Einszett Deep Plastic Cleaner on about everything that is tough and it absolutely works great and leaves a nice satin finish and scent with no slippery-ness. :)
    I also like that I dont have to rinse; just clean and wipe clean with a clean towel.
    I also use their Cockpit Premium especially on Dashboards, and it works great, but is not as strong a cleaner as their Deep Plastic Cleaner.

    Yes, it is more expensive than say Meguiars APC+ (which is less $$ than any Optimum cleaner), so you may have to pick your cleaning challenges, but I like that it works great, no rinsing needed, and leaves the finish the same as the Factory intended, but better.

    I hate greasy slimy products that people still use too. this might have been the norm say 20+ years ago before better products came out, but that stuff is not the norm now unless a Client specifically requests the cheapest, etc., I never use stuff like that in my business.
    Dan F
  5. DirtyWeRX

    DirtyWeRX DB Forum Supporter

    I've had people ask me if I actually cleaned their dash because it wasn't "shiny".... Well, I typically use 1Z cockpit so it won't be shiny and greasy.
  6. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    buttering up an interior is extra.............LOL

    yeah, that whole shiny greasy trend is so 80's I remember watching my neighbor basically go through an entire bottle of armor all every week on his Cadillac growing up.
  7. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    I tell my customers the interior spray I use is not shinny and that it makes it look like when they bought it.
  8. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    I'd suggest the 1Z Deep Plastic Cleaner or Power Clean at 3:1. I never dress interiors. Ever.
  9. Darkstar752

    Darkstar752 Horizon Detailing

    x2. Just spray OPC on the towel and do a couple wipe-downs with gentle pressure, should take it right off.
  10. artemis53

    artemis53 Jedi Nuba

    Only problem is now days, they're shiny when you buy them!!

    I went to Honda of Cerritos, and I swear their entire fleet was soaked in WD-40!!!
  11. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    Ken, how to you protect the interiors then?

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