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    i think what there saying is AWC is the only clay available for now. until there patent expires in 2013 or a significant court case decides other wise, correct me if im wrong this is what i have in my head after reading this thread.
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    Copyright laws are a US only problem, but there are other manufacturers globally.

    Correction - this particular copyright law is US only (as far as I could read). Other countries have their own copyright offices and laws.
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    +1, Each country has their patent law but the strange thing AW doesn't hold Canada patent at the same time; usually North America include both USA and Canada. I guess Canadian can count their blessing here :gidiup:

    Well, a bird just dopped a yellow Riccardo clay of my front porch so I'll let you know how it goes compare to othe clays I have, if it's way better like folks been saying I am heading North to Vancouve B.C next. Road trip anyone:mounty:
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    i dont get it... whats so bad about the AWC clay?

    personally i use meguiar's clay and it works great. it works much better than the yellow clay by mothers
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    This topic is a sticky so I opened it up, but the URL in the first post is invalid. I tried doing a search on the linked website but couldn't find the original article. Maybe it's time to unsticky this topic?
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    Riccardo is not legal for sale in the US. But if you can get some, have at it.
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    In the United States, Auto Wax Company Inc. (now owned by Illinois Tool Works Inc.) owns the US patent that reads thus; [A method of polishing a protrusion or stain from a surface comprising; applying a plastic flexible tool to the surface, the plastic flexible tool comprising a plastic flexible material having mixed therewith an abrasive comprising grains from about 3 to 50 m in diameter and; applying a force to the plastic flexible tool such that a polishing force per area is applied by the plastic flexible tool to a protrusion or stain on the surface, and such that the amount of force per area applied to the surface is less than the amount of force per area applied to the protrusion or stain.]

    US patent rights (No. 5,727,993, expires 2013) Clay Patent Infringement -
    June 20, 2002 Press Release

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    Can we get rid of this sticky seems rather dead and the article is gone.....
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    I believe the patent has expired now anyway
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    Tried reading the article, got an "article has moved, please use the search bar to search for it by name" error. Could the link in post 1 be updated?
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