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    I'm just a bit curious, if you like a product who really cares who makes it.

    If you like CG buy it /if you like Adam's buy it/if you like Poorboys buy it/ heck if you like Turtle wax but that.

    You would be surprised who makes what when you get down to it. But that's contract manufacturing. It enables companies to concentrate on marketing/selling/ R & D and operations.

    To be vertically intergrated is extremely capital intensive.

    P1et should know he works for Dell :) Look at their operations...Dell hasn't had a manufacturing facility in years.
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    Also there are non disclosures/contracts so if Adam's makes stuff for CG and they are in an agreement they really should not talk about it. Oh wait or is the CG makes stuff for Adam's or maybe Meguiars makes stuff for everyone and everything is relabeled:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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    Phil, I completely agree with you here. All I was saying is that CG does in fact have a factory, that's all. Hey, I have Poorboys, CG and Adams now!

    And yes, it's true about Dell: we don't physically make anything. We just buy the parts, put it together in our factories and slap a Dell label on it!
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    P1et no I was just making an example and you were the best one to make it with because you understand contract manufacturing and how the product/manufacturing business works. Most people don't see the back end of these businesses.
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    I live and breathe is all day long Phil!

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    We design/manufacture shocks/struts/exhaust/car care/elastomeric products..

    For shocks and struts we actually build the shocks for the competition - even down to applying the label.... I always love it when I hear people talking about shocks/struts saying this is better, that is better.. yadda yadda...
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    Who is "we"? :popcorn:
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    Tenneco - for Shock and Strut apps one of our brand names is "Monroe" another is "Rancho"
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    I got monroes on my car :p. Do you manufacture for Tein and Buddy Club? just wondering :D
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    wasnt his about soap at once?
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    refer to post #15 & #17...:whistle:

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