Purchasing a Rupes Bigfoot 15MKIII combo kit vs tool etc...

Discussion in 'Tools - Machine Polishers, Pressure Washers, Detai' started by 650hp, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. 650hp

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    So at the last open house I bought the Nano long neck kit and absolutely love it! I have used a PC to take care of my cars for close to 20 years now and figured it's time to upgrade a bit... Really like the feel and versatility of the 15MkIII... Not so sure how to go about purchasing it though....The Nano kit was kind of cool, but lots of things I just don't need like the travel bag, sample size liquids etc... Would I be better off spending the $435 or so on just the tool and than purchasing pads etc... separately? If so, what would be the must have pads and products?
  2. 650hp

    650hp New Member

    Found a place willing to do 30% off so it made up my mind!

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