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Discussion in 'Sale, Trades, or Bargains' started by Cooter, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Cooter

    Cooter Guest

    hey guys I have some products i'm looking to trade. Here they are:

    Ultrafina SE #06068 U.S. version 4oz
    Final Glaze #06066 4oz

    Optimum Compound 4oz
    Optimum Polish 4oz
    Optimum Poliseal 4oz
    Opti-Seal 2oz

    HTEC 4oz

    Mothers California Gold QD 1 bottle new

    Looking for ARO, Deepfinish wax, CG's products, P21S products, 5050. I'm pretty flexible. Let me know what you have in mind.

  2. richy

    richy Guest

    I've got some S100 wax if you're interested..would like the ultrafina..let me know
  3. JLs Detailing

    JLs Detailing DB Pro Supporter

  4. J BELL

    J BELL Nuba Guru

    I have CG Butter wet wax adn lightning fast carpet cleaner samples
  5. Cooter

    Cooter Guest

    richy- I was lookin mainly for P21s 100%
    J Bell- I'm not really needing those, sorry bro

  6. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    i have a 12 oz bottle of ONE from CG, what is HTEC??
  7. jshillin

    jshillin Birth of a Detailer

    Hi Temp Extreme Cut
  8. DJ_JonnyV

    DJ_JonnyV DB Forum Supporter

    Isn't S100 pretty much the same thing as P21s? From what I understand it is just re-labeled for motorcyle use.
  9. jshillin

    jshillin Birth of a Detailer

    Yep, as the regulat P21S, but he's not looking for that. He's looking fort he 100%
  10. Cooter

    Cooter Guest

    Hey Dust,
    What you want for the 12oz of ONE??

  11. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    ???? that's a good ?, I really don't need any polishes. I also have some silk shine sprayable dressing (16oz).

    PM me some other stock you have and we'll try and work something out!:afro:

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