Pressure washer / Foam lance combo Q's?

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  1. mrd0t

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    It was, the kids getting out of school couldn't stop starring.
  2. drew935

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    Your PW is from home depot right? Sweet foam up!
  3. mrd0t

    mrd0t Obsessive Detailer

    You are correct. I really want a Kranzle, but until i'm doing 5 cars or more a week in a shop, this will do.
  4. mrd0t

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  5. SRT8Spartan

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  6. bakchoi

    bakchoi Birth of a Detailer

    ^^ Your link above says:

    Includes Both 1/4" Male Quick Connect & M22 Threaded Fittings
    •Easy attachment to many pressure washers

    So looks like it comes with it. It's just not in the picture.
  7. SRT8Spartan

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    Im an idiot, I meant to say what fitting comes on the wand of the cleanforce? a quick connect?
  8. flash69

    flash69 Virgin Detailer

    Yes, the Cleanforce comes with a quick connect.
  9. John Haller

    John Haller Virgin Detailer

    So, the cleanforce is rated for 1.5 GPM, while the MTM recommends 2.0 GPM minimum. I bought a CP5101 that's rated for 1.4 GPM, and I get nothing but soapy water even when I use pure soap. Anyone have thoughts on how GPM would affect the foam sheet?
  10. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    I don't what the ratings change, but I have an MTM foam cannon and even with my 1.3 GPM pressure washer, I get NASTY thick foam. Try turning the knob on top to see if you can get an adjustment that gets you more foam.
  11. flash69

    flash69 Virgin Detailer

    I had a problem with very thin foam coming out until I filled the MTM bottle with water and added 2 onces of soap. I get great thick foam now.

    Try this and report back.
  12. cu2mike

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  13. John Haller

    John Haller Virgin Detailer


    Campbell Hausfeld sent me a brand new pressure washer, and I still get nothing but soapy water. I'm so glad I spent over $400 on a pressure washer that's doesn't work for the one intended use... /sarcasm

    I even took the gun and lance to a friend's house and it worked perfectly. His pressure washer is rated for 2050 PSI and 1.9 GPM. I had him try my soap combo and then took some of his water/soap mixture back to my house, but still got the same results.

    I have the dial set to maximum flow from the bottle, and it obviously adjusts the amount of soap. It ranges from pure water to water with a few bubbles until you turn it all the up and get foamy water.

    If I pull the trigger for an instant burst it almost makes good foam, but that's with pure soap in the bottle at full mix. I'm sure pulling the trigger every second will also burn out the washer really fast...
  14. John Haller

    John Haller Virgin Detailer

    Anyone have recommendations on soap combinations?

    I'm currently using 2oz of honeydew snow foam with 1oz of Prima Mystique, then filling the rest of the bottle with warm water and setting the MTM Hydro to full mix. I don't get the greatest foam, but it's not bad. The foam dwells for about a minute.

    So what are you guys using?
  15. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    I mix 2 oz with only about 15-20 oz water to get better foaming.
  16. John Haller

    John Haller Virgin Detailer

    Sorry, but 2oz of which soap?
  17. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    Oh my bad. DP Extreme Foam Formula, or AutoGlym Bodywork Shampoo. I also use the same ratio with the Zymol Auto Shampoo, It doesn't foam as much, but man it makes a car shine once you're done. I also use Sunlight when I'm degreasing a car (4oz for the full bottle of warm water). Here is what the Sunlight looks like:
  18. o9w211

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    Sorry to revive this very informative thread. I'm in the market for detailng equipment and I'm looking to teach myself how to do minor paint corrections for my personal car, family cars, gf's car, friends, etc. More of a hobby than anything. I'm not looking to do this professionally as I don't have the time. I'm trying to keep my purchase(s) under $250. Here's what I have gathered throughout this thread:

    1) Electric PW:
    Karcher 1800 PSI:
    Clean Force CF 1800HD:
    Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI:

    2) Foam Gun/Lance:
    MTM Hydro Long Range:

    3) Shampoo/Soap:
    Optimum Car Wash:
    Adams Car Wash Shampoo:
    Meguiar's Soaps (any recommendations?)

    Thanks in advance for all the help!
  19. jsraaf

    jsraaf Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I have the MTM Hydro foam cannon, and have been disappointed in the foam thickness I was getting, no matter how I adjusted the mix. I read another thread where the poster compared it to the Mecline cannon and found it gave him much better results. I decided to get one in hopes I'd have the same results and gladly I am. I have a Karcher 5.69 PW, and am using about 2oz shampoo (either Meg's Gold Class or CG Honeydew Snow Foam) in about 16-20oz water as another poster mentioned.
  20. Chrismonson

    Chrismonson Virgin Detailer

    You don't need any type of adapter to fit the MTM hydro foamer on the cleanforce do you? thanks.

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