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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by 95-850 wagon, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    There's no reason for a post like this dude. Not cool at all.
  2. bryansbestwax

    bryansbestwax DB Forum Supporter

    go legit or go home. this is why our business is viewed as a bunch of no good rag washers. get a license, pay your taxes, get insurance.
  3. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    What isn't cool is that he stole from my good friend. So yes that post is justified. Don't backup a thief.
  4. rjd598

    rjd598 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Every good forum has drama. :popcorn:
  5. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

  6. Darkstar752

    Darkstar752 Horizon Detailing

    I agree that he went overboard but the guy did scam one guy on this forum out of $200 and attempted to scam at least 3 others by trying to get them to send the product before he sent payment. He made a new account and is literally talking to himself through his old account. There is no place on this forum for people like this IMO.
  7. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    The funny thing is the comment that 850 made on the first page of this thread says it all and everyone still feels the need to not only want tonight hell a scammer but associate themselves with one. Nobody should have even responded to his cry for help. Sounds much like the boy who cried wolf.

    He deserves nothing short of being 86-ed. Really makes new wonder what kind of mods we have to not boot him.
  8. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    I agree, this is the type of stuff for presidential debates.

    I am surprised this guy has not been banned.
  9. Bmer89

    Bmer89 DB Forum Supporter

    Are the moderators on vacation? People just need to ignore him, don't fight with him or anything like that. Mods will take care of this when they show up.
  10. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Phil is looking into it. He has a business trip to go on so p1et will also be looking into everything. In the mean time bmer89 is right. Just ignore him and any post he makes.
  11. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    good to know as i contacted Phil as well.
  12. 3PedalMINI

    3PedalMINI DB Forum Supporter

    He shows "Banned" now, WOW! relatively new here, cant believe someone like that would scam some good people on here. Insane,what a shame. maybe that guy will sue the pants off of him :crasy:
  13. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    Just seen that as well. Thank god. I guess Phil probably got flooded with messages and gave him the boot. Hopefully they are doing a IP Ban otherwise that Charlie & Chris LoL will be back under a different screen anem and probably a different name in general. For now let us celebrate and enjoy a peaceful forum once again.

  14. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    Sad that people have that much time to play games on the internet
  15. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Lol I know kilo it's rediculous. Well he isn't completely banned. His other sn is still working.
  16. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Regardless of what happened to your friend, there is no reason for a quote with language like that. If you have a problem with the guy, let Phil know and he'll deal with it. If you feel the need to say something, you can do it in a more mature manner.
  17. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    Look Ken i can be respectful and i do indeed have respect but you need not stick up for a scammer period. He is getting what he deserves. I can't believe that you would even defend someone like that at all. I'm not going to sit here and go back and forth with you as you've already got your point across to me on how you feel and it's totally understandable. I did message Phil which is one of the reasons he got banned. I really don't see a issue with expressing how we feel i mean for god sake freedom of speach is something i thought we were all entitled to . . . . . or am i wrong? There isn't a need to take what i said personal. Friends will always stick up for friends especially when they were taken advantage of . . . . . . that is how i was raised.

    Back in the day when i use to build honda's and was a member of various honda forums there was a case where someone scammed a guy out of about $1,500-$2,000 the police didn't do squat about . . . . . .know what happened? A squad of people went down to the kids house, filled the father in on what his son did and his father let the guys empty the garage full of car parts that his son had for his punishment.

    This guy should just own up to what he did and stop trying to create false identities to hide himself and be a man and face the truth already. As i previously stated i have nothing against you and have the utmost respect for you and many others on this forum but 0 for people like 850.
  18. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    I think you're missing my point. I'm not sticking up for this guy. If he's a douchebag, let him have both barrels. All I was saying was that you could have gotten your point across in a not-so-profanity-laden-manner. Thats all.
  19. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Some people deal with things differently guys. To me if that was said about a member who has been on here for a while then yes that would have been over the line. But the fact of the matter is he ripped a guy out of $150+ and also tried to get two other ppl as well. (Me being one of those ppl)Then he came back with another screen name (chemguy626) and tried to pull this bullshit again and lie about his identity when I called him out on it. Not to mention he continuously called me names and a liar. And reported me over and over again to Phil trying to get me in trouble and banned. Thank god Phil is level headed and looked into everything then just banning me. (Cough...autogeek..cough)

    anyway Phil did the right thing, looked into it and found that me and others were not just making this up. I can gladly say he is gone and hopefully for good. I know how this guy types out everything so if he does sign up again somehow ill do my best to get rid of him again. He is going to get what he deserves some day. Karma is a bitch. Best part is he is that dumb to have told me his name and address before. If this happens again. Shit will go down. I wanna keep this forum clean of scammers and assholes. And I think Phil and the mods have done a great job making sure that happens.

    Thanks to everyone who helped getting rid of this guy. Just keep an eye out for newer people. Don't buy, sell or trade until they build a reputation.
  20. vtec92civic

    vtec92civic Nuba Guru

    Amen! For the love of god LoL. Well said man. I think not enough kids got the belt when they grew up because if they did they would have learned about being a thief rather quickly.

    I'm just glad he is gone and the forum can resume to normal.

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