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    90 day old petes53 beading in the rain....the car is never driven and probably only washed 2-3 times during that period
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    Im on the jetseal pete's train, about a month ago i did a full correction on my black mach 1 mustang. Did 2 layers of jetseal 109 with DA. Then about a week later i did one more layer of jetseal followed by 1 layer of pete's 53 by hand. Beading was RETARDED good, but after about 2 weeks, ive seen the beading change a bit, its there just less impressive. Ive been using Chem guys v7 as my wipedown qd after washes. My car still beads/sheets, but not like it did right after i applied petes. Im thinking about stripping my LSP with dawn and reapplying my LSP. 2 layers of jetseal applied with DA, let cure for longer, 30-40 mins this time. Then 2 layers of petes. My car is still super smooth, im at the beach right now, drove in last night, 4 hours of which was in a torrential rain, this morning when i washed my car, i noticed the beading and sheeting had diminished alot, even since the last wash. I know this combo should last longer, i think i may change the soap dilution i use when i wash, im using Maxisuds 2 4oz/5gal right now. I wonder if thats too strong...

    Any suggestions? this is my Daily driver and i wash once a week without fail.

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