Paint Correction Class by DSMS, feeler!

Discussion in 'Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners, and Glazes' started by dsms, Sep 23, 2010.

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    We both think alike ...
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    Took the words right out of my mouth ^^
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    If some feel that way its understandable but I have always let my work speak for itself, good or bad my cards are all out on the table. My writeups are out there for all to see as well as the cars I have done, if you think the work is subpar and that I would be a inadequate teacher than by all means you are entitled to your opinion.

    Many of those in this thread who have choose to criticize or poke fun at me have yet to provide legitimate reasons with proof as to why I would NOT be a good person to do this thing, simply being a young man wont hold up in court if you know what I mean :giggle:. Also those same people seem to have very few writeups done of full corrections they performed... maybe they would be better suited to teach people how to perform paint correction and do it as a business opposed to me?

    As for my not having done this for a many years I feel that has no bearing on my ability to correct paint or teach the trade. If anything I feel the fact that I started out with zero experience, working on mediocre cars for terrible pay, and was able to figure out for myself how to do this at a high level is actually a good reason why I could be helpful to lots of people starting out. I spent countless hours testing and evaluating pretty much every polish, pad and machine on the market in hopes to find combinations and techniques that yield me the best results, most efficiently.

    Would it be better to tell people I worked for 15 years as a detailer and just this month figured out a really effective way to go about performing paint correction?

    Like I stated both in the title and opening paragraph this is a feeler thread, every detail is not yet set in stone and I will make changes to the class as needed before and most likely during the class to accommodate everyones needs and make sure they take home as much information as possible.

    I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words... hence why my writeups have so many, and so many shots of the correction process itself. As for the photoshop theory... I have plenty of happy repeat customers who would disagree and if your still questioning at that point there is always the many 50/50 videos I have posted along with the writeups and I have yet to meet someone who can photoshop a video.
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    Dave all the power to you man, I hope that if this class actually comes to fruition that it is even more successful than you had originally hoped.
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    if my english was better, that's what I meant to say in my previous post ;)
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    Some people are jelous because you are younger then them and they won't accept the fact of younger teacher...and yes, the very same ones have very few write ups, with hardly any pics to them (if any) and call themselves proffessionals. I'm not a pro, I work on my own cars, and started doing this simply because I can't trust any detailer in my area in a first place, and now it became my hobby. As a matter of fact I would trust Dave to detail my '09 E70 X5 4.8i, but would not trust any of critics replied to this thread, only because I have not seen enough paint correction/good paint corrections from them...
    hope I'm not too harsh on anyone...
    Dave, good luck with a class!
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    speak French!!
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    For some people this may be the case but I don't think it is for everyone. Like I said I never really intend to make detailing a profession so that price tag would sting a bit, but if I wanted to detail for a living I might consider it reasonable. It all depends on what it includes. Apparently it has to cover a hell of a lot more than the other detailing classes already posted. If it does come to be, I hope both parties get the most out of it and it's worth it the effort/price. You have to remember that not all critics have an ulterior motive, some are just generally concerned with the affairs on the site. It's hard to place such a definitive value on tricks/tips, that's why a few of us are weary of the price. If the class does in fact include good marketing and business skills, then obviously that is already a step above a lot of other classes.
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    i hope it didn't come as a poke at Dave from what I stated. All the best, it's just for some the hefty pricetag may be a harder sell for him. I don't knock anyones work, I hope it didn't come accross that way.
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    Je pourrais mais personne ne comprendrais ce que je voudrais dire :(
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    puis j'allez a la salle de bain sevousplais, all I know and probably spelled horribly. Being a Canadian fan myself I should know more, GO HABS GO.
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    um... we we? :shead: haha!
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    c'est ce que google outils linguistiques sont pour.
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    It's crazy to see that being absent from a forum for a couple days leads to this much controversy or missing out on what's going on.

    I would simply say this. Dave does some killer work and rather then complain over what he chooses to charge for the class . . . . . . just don't attend. End of story. Why do people feel the need to really drag other people down and just trash talk. If people want to pay and learn then great if they choose not to then great. Move on from trying to instigate drama.

    If Dave is young and knows just as much as some folks who have been in the game for 10+ years that should tell you something. His work speaks for itself as i have followed most all of his work and write-ups. The video's are killer and so are his correction shots. I have helped look over some of his shots and they are not edited in photoshop.

    Dave, fly out to Hawaii and teach a class here LoL.
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    Well said.

    Here's my take on it: All of the things you learn at this class would probably be learned over the course of your detailing career. If you are serious about doing this as a primary career, I personally think it would be worth it to skip right to the techniques that work instead of T&E over maybe a few years or more until you "discover" them yourself.

    The problem I see with it is: everyone has different methods, and each have a method that works best for them. What if Dave's method doesn't work as well for you as it does for him? Not saying that his method is bad (obviously it isn't, as he turns out stellar work time after time), but it may not be suited for everyone. So that variable would be leaving me a little skeptical of investing $600+ for a class I may not get something out of.

    I would maybe do trial classes in a lower cost format format first (pizza and soda at your place), to prove that students will gain something from it first. Then, once there is a reference base to prove the worth of the class, then adjust your pricing accordingly. Of course, this first class could be watered down a little. Don't want to be giving away too many "secrets" if this is the approach you decide to take.

    Hope this helps. Keep up the great work, Dave.
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    This is entertaining. If you dont want to drop the coin to go....then dont go. No need to comment and bust Dave's balls.

    Its that simple.
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    I am all for Dave to succeed. The only issue I see is the hands on part, especially with the rotary. If you are not experienced with it, you should be watched at all times even if you are learning the basics. I've done it (the teching part) and you can't walk away from anyone.

    I think a one on one is the way to go.

    In any case, good luck Dave.
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