Osama Bin Laden IS DEAD

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by dave_zok, May 1, 2011.

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    I hate saying this but with everything that's going right now Obama is trying to score some extra points as he really has no chances of winning. But will it lower gas prices? Most likely not. I'd rather have them ban hybrids and lower gas prices to $1 a gallon so America can recover from economy depression that we are in. But reality is they are speculating and raising the price on purpose, this way they can "encourage" people to buy fuel efficient cars. That's forcing to me. Sorry that I went off topic but it takes more then a Benjamin Franklin to fill up my X5.
    Sorry for hijacking this thread...
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    yep, an election year for Obama then

    glad his got his priorities right, now im off to take advantage of those sponsor discounts with a $1.10 USD exchange rate and climbing
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  4. Auto Concierge

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    Really.....................................you actually really believe that?, yes we are imperialist to the bone, this is why EVERYONE in the world who needs help calls Canada not the USA when they need financial or military assistance....you know like the rebels in Libya who are yelling "CANADA please come help us with the despot who has ruled us for over 35 years".

    My sig says "Being nice on the forums" after reading your reply.....................I see the stereotype of Canadians being bleeding heart liberals is alive and well, wonder what comment you would make if one of YOUR family members were slaughtered in a attack by members of the "Peace loving muslims of the world" a big S2 to you buddyboy.
  5. Bunky

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    I think of the movie Team American World Police now. Remember the three types of people?

    There was a lot of truth in it,,,someone has to do the dirty work.
  6. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    I think of the movie Team American World Police now. Remember the three types of people?

    There was a lot of truth in it,,,someone has to do the dirty work.
  7. JoeyV

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    Bob....And then you wonder why so many people call you big headed and having a huge ego....
  8. pektel

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    Actually, I agree.

    And no one is safe from Muslim extremist attacks.
  9. pektel

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    They should fear us. F*ck with us and we will be at your doorstep to beat the sh*t out of you. Being the guy with the biggest gun does not mean he is a terrorist. It means that we are not a weak target who will bend over and take it (like some "other country" might).

    And really? publicity stunt to take away from Canada's federal elections? Sounds like someone else is the one with a big head and huge ego.
  10. Auto Concierge

    Auto Concierge DB Pro Supporter

    Nice try........this will not turn into a flame war. What you said was out of line, with no regard to a nation(My country) which has done more to secure liberty and FREEdom for millions of folks walking the face of the earth alive today and passed away. I will bet if a poll was taken of the Canadian Military man or women as they have also fought in Iraq and A-stan so people there can have what you and I enjoy daily "Liberty" they would not have the myopic ill-informed, liberal mindset that you have presently.

    Imagine had I insulted Canada as you did America....................and I have the problem??, I could not believe what flew out of your mouth "America is the biggest terrorist" ..........shake yourself and with the the quickness because to say that what I said was driven by ego is just plain wrong and you know it.

    Mods.......if this kind of stuff(Insulting a country on a day when justice was served for over three thousand innocent people who were attacked in a cowardly but effective fashion), and the reply by myself is deemed too harsh then I do not know what to say from here on in.
  11. Misha

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    in every video of him he has ak47 with him or something so im sure they had no choise. no reason to keep him alive since im sure he wouldnt talk anyway
  12. Kilo6_one

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    Political views aside, this is the new evil of this century. It will need to be dealt with or it will spread. While I respect peoples views and ideals sometimes they are stated in bad taste or without thought of who they may provoke, does that mean you should not say them? by all means say what you need to say, just be aware others may be agitated by what you say and do, which is human nature.
    America is a proud country with millions of proud citizens, just like any country we take things to heart....... We are not fighting a conventional war, like WW2 where the enemy was outright visible as a threat, we are dealing with ideals of a segment of a religion, it is a insurgency and it is something that we as a world community will be dealing with probably for the next 50 + years. Bin Laden is a criminal of epic proportions, he was rightfully killed for that. Many people in the US felt a personal connection to what he did, and to throw a entire country under the bus for expressing excitement and even joy for the death of this individual is not cool.

    To those who live in countries that have never dealt with situations such as terrorism you need to be thankful and pray too whomever you pray to that this never happens to you, your country and your friends, family etc.

    But I give a lot of respect to Canada and other allies forces who are "deep in it" fighting with the US. Canada is playing a crucial role in Afghanistan, and the the troops have the same debt of gratitude from me as our boys doing their jobs as well.
  13. wagonproject

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    I am tired of hearing Obama got him.

    "OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found OBL and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!!"
  14. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    ^^ I agree........ 100% and then some.
  15. Bunky

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    -1 I disagree and then some. Yes, I know we cannot let give Obama credit for anything...
  16. Schleprock

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    I live West of you and I'm not afraid of our neighbors to the South so it sounds like maybe it's your problem. I didn't reply to this earlier in hopes that it would just go unnoticed but I knew that this was coming.

    Now if you caught our election yesterday you would have seen that the Liberals took their worst beating ever so not really alive and well :giggle:.

    No need to jump on all of us I'm glad he is gone and there can be closure for those that suffered personally from the attacks and that is a global thing. I'm a proud Canadian and I feel we do our part and do it well when asked so please don't slam Canadians we are also a proud people.

    What worries me the most is what have they got planned for retaliation? I just have this very bad feeling that he knew his time would come so I'm sure there is something that they cooked up. I just hope that their cells have been weakened to the point that they can't carry them out. I hope we all sleep a little safer from here on out :thumb:
  17. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    "What worries me the most is what have they got planned for retaliation"

    I think about this all the time, all you can do is be vigilant. the thing with insurgency warfare is you never see it coming, you may have a "gut feeling" but you never know. The target is/ could be anything. I doubt it will be on the lines of crashing passenger planes, it will me more like GPS initiated explosives on a cargo plane like a fedex jet. They have already probed that aspect, as well as mass sporting events. But terrorism is more then just violence, it is crippling ones infrastructural network, or even the food supply. Can you imagine what would happen if say one of the bridges was blown up in the SF bay, or maybe the water supply was tainted, im sure you get the picture.

    as for Canadians, they are one of the first to respond just like the US, they were down and dirty in both WW wars and have always had our back, again generalizations of people do nothing to help the situation. I have alot of respect for Canadians.... but I can see why some may view us as we view our neighbors to the south.
  18. JoeyV

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    My comment was not meant to be an insult to the USA although I can see why it was taken as such. I meant it more in a way that the USA inflicts more fear than any other country because of its firepower and what not. To terrorize means to scare, and not necessarily to do anything harmful to another country. Seeing as the US is the world largest military power, is it not normal that it is also the most feared(hence the "**** with us and we'll be at your doorstep to kick your ass" comment)? That's how I meant my comment. While I don't want to defend OBL, he himself did not do anything to the USA with his bare hands, so while he is the "big name," this "achievement" changes nothing in the "war against freedom." This is something that will be an ongoing war for a long time.

    Oh, and Bob, my comment about your ego has nothing to do with what you think or said, but rather with the condescending tone you use when responding, as if your opinion is right and anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot totally wrong...buddyboy

    P.S.: No, I don't really beleive that it was a publicity stunt to take away from our elections...I thought my humor would've been more easily caught...guess I was wrong.
  19. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    OBL is/was the face of the enemy, simple as that, he himself ordered the 9/11 attacks, so in theory he did not do anything with his bare hands but he was the funding source and the brains behind the operation, not to mention the bombing of the USS Cole, Somalia, the attacks on the Kenyan embassies and so forth. AL Queda and its beliefs is bigger then one individual, it is the mindset of a generation and by placing a face on it, I think it gives closure to thousands of victims and their families.

    I think the thread should be locked honestly, its gone down hill toward a direction that is not a positive one...... IMO. I think you can discuss this issue without bringing in the BS.
  20. Auto Concierge

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    Joey, I did not call you a idiot........but you said something idiotic as per your backtracking for a incredibly misguided remarks. How could you not know someone would respond as such? and I guess us "Americans" cannot see between the lines of your targeted humor.

    You jumped on the bandwagon with the Bob is a egomaniac sentiment over the dust up with RFinkle2 so let's not pretend otherwise and keep the topic on topic which was typical libbed up sentiment the USA is a bully and we are the "Big guy" who smashes everyone in our path and invaded the middle east for oil, well I pay $4.26 a gallon so we KNOW that if this was the reason we failed terribly.


    .We killed civilians in military raids.
    .We have done things as a country nobody would be proud of at times.

    Flip side of the coin.

    .We give more in charity than almost all other nations combined
    .We are "Johnny on the spot" when worldwide natural disasters happen from earthquakes to famine/tsunami's/all manner of biblical pestilence.
    .Americans are a compassionate people as a whole, and at times get wrapped up in the pursuit of the "Dollar" but when it has counted......WW1/WW2 saving whole nations ie: England/France/Italy etc...... and helped a whole race of people re-establish thier nation under total possible genocide (Israel).

    America is the only nation that I know of where people will risk thier LIVES to come to for just the chance at liberty and opportunity to have a better life for the children and thier children.

    Your fellow non-lib Canadian had it right in the post above not to lump all Canadians into your mindset, but in some places Joey if you repeated what you said somone would "Handle the situation" on the spot. Time to own the statements you made and either apologize to our nation....or not, "say what you mean and mean what you say".

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