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    I have been looking at them, and I have heard from many places that the opti-erasers are nice...although it was all from youtube, etc...people claiming to be detailers...so I could not quote them, but there were many of them saying it was good...and for the asking price, I will definitely be getting at least on to try! I haven't pulled the trigger yet on anything auto-scrub or speedy prep simply due to the price...
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    I've always had good luck with the other Optimum products I've used, I think I will definitely be giving these a try. Don't know about the longevity of it, though, and that of the Nanoskin, but I just can't justify the $50 for the Nano.
  5. wong05tsx

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    I feel like the Nanoscrub paid itself off after doing one car. It easily saved me 30-45min..or more of claying

    On topic though - I will be picking up one of these, or a variation of it as soon as I finish going through my stash of remaining clays.
  6. piginapoke

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    I do not usually detail any cars other than my own, that being said the nano skin for DA is unjustifiable, I do however detail many motorcycles every year, so a product like this or the nano wash mit/ speedy prep towell are very appealling. I think my next order will be to ADS and I will add one of these.

    Phil should carry this and I would order it from him. Hint Hint!
  7. Merlin

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    I've have a few of these "clay alternative" products...and have a few more of them on order.
    I have found that using the SM Arnold Speedy Surface Prep Towel (FINE) is (so far) my fav.
    When I use the Fine grade Prep Towel I am unable to see any marring caused by the towel.

    I can fold it into eight sides. I can feel and hear the grit being removed from the paint.
    I can feel when the grit is removed so I can easily tell when to move onto another area.

    I can use the Prep towel to get into small difficult curved areas by hand with no prob.
    Some of my favorite things...If you drop it on the ground just rinse it off. No kneading.
    NOTE: Always keep the towel and paint surface wet with a clay lube or quick detailer.

    I believe it is just as quick (faster than claying) to use the towel as the 6" Autoscrub.
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  9. Merlin

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    Optimum Opti-Eraser is a resin
    Nanoskin/Arnold is a polymerized rubber

    IMHO There's been a LOT of leap frog in the decon technology and pricing recently.
  10. Chris@Optimum

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    One thing that may help is for me to tell you guys what we were trying to do when we brought Opti Eraser into development. I personally never clay unless I plan to polish simply because I know I will be adding some fine scratches. But, all my waxes and sealants naturally bond better, look better, and last longer if the paint is decontaminated. The chemical decon alternative is good, but expensive and they always work better if you remove the above surface (bulk) of the bonded contaminant first. S the challenge was to create a product that would remove above surface contaminant while inducing little-no marring or it's own. Opti Eraser does this very well when used properly.

    It's not a direct exchange for clay, so there is some adjustment to the technique necessary. Proper lube and back/forth movement are the same, but because of the foam interface and perfectly flat surface you'll need a couple of adjustments.

    First, there's very little need for downward pressure so you should grip the Opti Eraser on the sides with your thumb and fingertips without pressing down with your palm. You can also squeeze it slightly to give the working surface a slight convex shape that will lessen drag on long flat panels.

    Second, the foam interface and the nature of the polymer face (while allowing mar free decontamination) also reduces the tactile sensitivity when compared to actual clay. Simply wear some nitrile gloves so you can check you progress as you go. It is very similar to the feedback from the baggy test and is more accurate than the feedback from clay.​

    I still use clay on the brutal stuff, but Opti Eraser is my every day pre wax prep tool. I can No Rinse a panel, Opti Erase it, and dry it in a fraction of the time of claying and there's no residue like I get from clay sometimes...which means I can go straight to wax or sealing with no further cleaning or polishing. My customers get a better looking finish with very little effort on my part. It may have a place in your process and it may not...but, if you need mar free decon you have nothing to loose with the satisfaction guarantee.
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    Great information Chris!

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