Not to be taken serious!!!!

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  2. agpatel

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    So that is the secret, Gatorade, I wonder if Vitamin Water would be less powerful but work for light hazing on my headlights? hehe
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    Yes Gatorade restore the electrolites back into the headlights to help restore them

  4. gthal

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    Sorry if this is a repost... noticed the videos were "removed" but they videos are still available on YouTube... just moved here YouTube - m22wright's Channel

    It's funny but I feel bad for him too... he doesn't seem to get it.
  5. agpatel

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    REPOST (posted it a few post up) Now for your penalty you must walk the plank :gidiup:(ok we need a pirate smiley) J/K

    Yeah he does not get it, i think its funny how much he does not get and what he tells his customers and how much of it they believe. I guess if you put "master" or "pro" and look like you been doing it a bit they will not think twice what you recommend or do.
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    I just lol'd at work and my manager looked at me weird
    Headlight Restoration $25

    this guy should be thrown in jail for fraud lol
    p.s. i got chills when i heard the buffer hitting the hood and metal around the lights
  8. Rennes

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    awww all files have been removed! :(

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