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    I agree about not crapping on people. But I've been detailing in Jacksonville for 18 years and I've had a couple words with this guy and he has never taken anything I shared with him and saw the good in it.
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    this sent me to the floor laughing...


    PERFECTION Birth of a Detailer

    Me and my wax master spending some quality time together. OK.
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    omg omg!!!!

    i sent a letter to DuPont and they sent me one back saying how much they appreciated my findings and would like to handle this.. they need proof though.. and the ass hat took down the video's with the Teflon booster rocket talk about a sealant he can only get and it is a DuPont product. if anyone has a link pm me b/c DuPont wants to take action!

    oh and this is not a joke!
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    if you read up the post i put a link to video that is still up duh......
  8. Paint Protection Orlando

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  9. Paint Protection Orlando

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    shocking isn't it
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    Lol, that kid is dead on! It's great how he ripped open the bottle of glaze after he spilled it all over the concrete! :giggle:
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    :thud: Why do I keep watching this guy! :giggle:
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    lol, I caught this thread a little late, but I ended up watching all the videos over and over. It's like I couldn't stop watching or laughing!

    If anyone is getting frustrated with a detail, just look at this picture of the Master for inspiration!

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    he spilled it on the bad the reaper didn't do something then to save all the paint he is going to screw in the future..all i can say is dupont isn't too happy someone is using their name like this.
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    fancy calling himself "the master" lol he has removed most of his videos! guess i missed it!
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    yep, i was reading through the whole thread and the videos are not there any more. i do like that polishing wheel though.
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    YouTube - m22wright's Channel

    I think that link will have most of them or at least some as the org ones are not up anymore. If this does not have some of them let me know and i will take down the link..
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    I cannot get enough of this guy, too entertaining!!!
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    Does he ask the people who's cars he is workin on to film him? What is he spraying on the headlights?
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