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    Unique Winter Product Line for the Car Enthusiast

    Austin, TX. – With wintry weather right around the corner, einszett has everything a professional or at-home enthusiast needs to make winter driving and maintenance safer and stress-free.

    The nextzett product line, found on,, includes a vast number of products including pre-washes, shampoos, polishes, waxes, leather care, wheel and tire cleaner, and lubricants. Top-seller, Glanz Wax was developed over 50 years ago as an easy-to-apply wax made from synthetic and natural carnauba waxes. Durable to last for months, it withstands aggressive washing at carwashes and, for cold regions, is road salt resistant.

    The Eistau De-Icer Spray tackles the problem of uncovered parking in harsh weather conditions. Formulated to clean frozen windshields in a snap, Eistau De-Icer simply needs to be sprayed on the windshield and, after a few minutes, loosened ice can be removed with a scraper. Glare-free results makes driving safer in potentially dangerous conditions. Free of toxic methanol.

    Tired of your doors freezing shut? The Gummi Pflege Stift "Rubber Care Stick" is a simple solution to a frustrating problem. With an easy-to-use built in applicator sponge, door and trunk rubber seals can be treated in minutes for long lasting results.

    nextzett’s Anti-Frost Concentrate is a highly concentrated washer fluid with anti-freezing properties up to -22°F. It effectively cleans any vehicle windshield with a glare-free finish. While keeping your windshield clean, a pleasant citrus scent is released through the fresh air vents. Free of toxic methanol and ammonia. Anti-Frost was originally produced for leading European automotive manufacturers.

    einszett North America is the sole importer of nextzett GmbH in the United States and Canada. nextzett produces vehicle care products for the enthusiast, professional, and carwash industry and is a sole supplier for leading European automotive manufacturers.


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    I've been using the Glanze Wax and Gummi Pflege for a year now and love both products.
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