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    Hey Guys -

    I just recently bought a 2014 Porsche Cayenne in Black. The car had some minor swirls on it and just heairline scratches.

    I have driven it for about a 1000 miles but now i need to get some sort of protection on it before this black goes to shit.

    I have attached a few pictures of some of the stuff that I have already and an extent of the swirls. I ordered a CG Clay bar, medium, with lube and started claying it but it was putting hairline scratches on the car. After feeling the car though it doesn't feel like there are many contaminants on it.

    I was thinking about giving the wolfgang combo a try (, bought it a few months ago but never gave it a shot. If so, what pads should I use with it? I have the LC Orange, White, Blue, and Black pads with me.

    After using that duo, should I still apply the Menzerna SF 4500? If so, with which pad?

    I will finish it off with some Power Lock ( with a black LC pad

    Apply some carnuba wax at the end with hand.

    I just always used the 105/205 combo and have had great results but the only thing that sucks about that is the mess and also after a few days and washing it, i see buffer haze. In my defense i never used the sf4500 after the 205, maybe i need that after 205 to get rid of all the imperfections.

    If you think the WG combo sucks and use the 205/105 combo instead I will, but just give me some insight.

    The porsche paint already feels soft judging by the way it got scratched by just clay barring it.

    Advice please? As I want to start this tomorrow because its already been a 1000 miles without any protection on the paint, and being black it scares me lol

    Attached are the pictures of the equipment i have and a picture of the scratch's on the car that the clay left, the only picture i could get that could show them

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