New Car 2012 Infiniti FX35 Limited Edition

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    Hello everyone, it's been a while! Just had to share my wifes new car after doing a full correction on it I'll be posting more photos later on in the week but here is a teaser. A lot of the products I used in this detail were from mystery boxes located by the * next to them in the list.

    Steps done.
    PC with Griots glass polishing pads and griots glass polish
    Meguiars 205 with yellow Rupes and Rupes 15
    Ammo NYC Mouse for interior
    Ammo NYC Brute wheel soap
    Ammo NYC Foam paint cleanser
    Steam cleaned interior, vents, and door jambs.
    * 1Z Gummie for trim
    * Paint was inspected with color match pen light
    *Nanolex Pre Wash
    *Nanolex Shield
    *Nanolex Final finish
    *Nanolex Trim rejuvenator
    *Dr. Beasley's Tire Conditioner (My new favorite tire dressing)
    *Adams Glass cleaner
    Chemical Guys Metal Polish

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    Nicely done

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