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  1. blackjz

    blackjz Jedi Nuba

    hi, i have run out of 3M Extra Fine Compound which I got from UK last year. I really love using it except a bit dusty in few, i am thinking getting its replacement locally, which only got Menzerna IP2000 Intensive Polish, 3M 5996 Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad Glaze-Dark and 3M 6064 Perfect-It 3000 Swirl Mark Remover.

    Which do you guys think work better? I am thinking getting Menz, but on the web saying that Menzerna IP2000 is not suitable for use with Ceramiclear. what happen if i use on ceramic clear coat?

    thanks in advance,
  2. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    My guess is that it isn't one of their polished designed to work on the ceramiclears. Is the 3M product you are replacing a compound, polish or finishing polish? The name is confusing.
  3. blackjz

    blackjz Jedi Nuba

    what happen if i use it on ceramic clears ken? the two 3M products should be light cut compound or polish. i got the info from
  4. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    Menzerna made some of their compounds specifically for Mercedes Benz ceramic clearcoats, and they work great since they were designed to correct these clears.
    Dont know how the 3m products would work, so cannot help you with that.

    What specifically are you wanting to do with this compound (what kind of cars, what pads and machine are you planning on using, etc..) ?
    Dan F
  5. blackjz

    blackjz Jedi Nuba

    Dan, i usually work on ferrari,porsche,benz,bmw . now i have my trustworthy rotary Flex PE14, 3M backing plates and 3m,LC Constant Pressure,Uber pads
  6. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    I work on those marques as well.

    This chart should help you see where your compound and other including Menzerna and 3M fall in line -

    For Mercedes, I have had great success with the Menzerna line and it works equally well on all the other German marques too. Their polishing compounds PO 106FA and PO85rd absolutely work great for me.

    Also have the Flex PE14-250 and Makita 9227c which I prefer because I like the weight of it when compounding, its smoother, quieter, and does not get as hot as the Flex.
    I do use the Flex at times too but its mostly for getting into smaller areas like the front ends and back ends of these high end vehicles.
    Have 1 red 3M 5" backing plate I bought from a shop in the UK, and I use it sometimes, but most of the time I like to get the work done as efficiently as possible and use the standard Lake Country yellow hard plastic and rubber edged backing plates.
    Have had great results with the Lake Country Hydro-Shred Foam pads in Cyan and Tangerine on our machines, and have been using Optimum Microfiber compound and polishing pads in the 5", 4", and 3" sizes lately, and love the performance and convenience.

    Have also had great success with Lake Country Flat foam pads with the Rotary; just got some Uber pads awhile back but have yet to try them out. I think they are made for Random Orbital machines, so not sure how they will fare on a Rotary. But then I dont run crazy high speeds on my Rotaries either as my technique and the products out today dont really require high speeds.

    I only have a couple of 3M foam pads in 3" sizes that I use for spot repair of damaged paint. They are purple and black foam and they work really nicely with the European Meguiars 101 foam compound or the American Meguiars 105 compound.

    Something you might want to consider sometime is Optimum Compound and their Hyper Compound. Both work great on rotary with foam or microfiber, absolutely no dusting, and will cut as long as you want and finish down remarkably well - most of the time even LSP ready..
    Dan F
  7. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Menzerna released products like 106FA, Power Finish and Super Intensive Polish specifically for use on the ceramic clears as they cut better. The "non" ceramic polishes like Intensive polish will probably still work, albeit not as quickly.

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