My First New Car Detail

Discussion in 'Show and Shine' started by wely324, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. wely324

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    A buddy of mine picked up a new Ram 1500, so I decided I would help him out and detail his new ride with his help of course.

    I forgot to take before pics but the truck wasn't in bad shape at all.

    We washed the car with Adam's Car Shampoo and some All Purpose Cleaner to really cleanse the surface. I then clayed with Adam's gray clay bar and detail spray and then washed the car again. Washed the wheels with deep wheel cleaner and all purpose cleaner on the tires and trim.

    We then hosed down the car and dried with Adam's Great White drying towel. Once the car was dry we then applied Chemical Guys blacklight to the car via machine/blue pad and microfiber applicator. We also dress the tires and trim with Super VRT, and metal polish on the chrome trim and wheels. Cleaned the glass with Adam's glass cleaner and sealed with Adam's Glass Sealant.

    After blacklight cured we applied Menzerna Power Lock polymer sealant with a black pad / da machine. The wheels were finished with Adam's Paint Sealant.

    Undercarriage spray by Adam's was used for the wheel wells.

    He was happy and I thought it turned out great for not doing any real paint correction/polishing!

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    Very nice!!! That's a good looking truck!!
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    looking good.
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  4. wely324

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    a few more pics...


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