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  1. Nica

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    Oh I just remembers something else my friend told me about those heaters, they create moisture and can create issues with paint or drywall.

    My neighbor uses his heater the exact same wy you just said, turns it on goes back to the house a few minuets later comes back turns it off and goes to work in the garage. I've noticed he will leave his windows slightly opened.

    When you start using it I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
  2. eShine

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    Make sure you guys get Carbon monoxide detectors when using those. I seriously almost died using one a few years ago, even with ventilation. I didn’t even see it coming. If my wife didn’t hear me fall I would be a goner…..
  3. Nica

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    :eek: I can see why you worn us about it.
  4. distrbd

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    Yes Chris thanks for the waning.
    In general when ever one is in an environment where CO is present ,at the first sign of dizziness ,headache,the best thing is to get out asap.there is always some sort of warning signs we feel before it gets too serious but I should remind myself not to ignore them.
  5. eShine

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    That is what the pros say but I wonder if they speak from experience. LOL. I was fine one second, I felt dizzy suddenly and thought I just needed one deep breath. I was halfway between the breath and knew I was in trouble, I didnt get 5 feet and I was out. It happened waayyyy faster than I ever imagined. I always thought I would have more of a timeframe to realize I am in trouble and would have time to at least get out of the garage. Every person may have different reactions to the gas but I was out quickly, I am a big guy too, 5'11" 240+ lbs!

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