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Discussion in 'Detailers Domain' started by Grouse, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Grouse

    Grouse DB Forum Supporter

    einszett All-Purpose Cleaner: Blitz (10 L, 2.6 Gal)

    (Qty: 1 x *****)

    einszett Cockpit Premium 10L (2.6 gallons)

    (Qty: 2 x *****)

    einszett Leather Care 'Lederpflege'

    (Qty: 3 x *****)

    einszett Glas Polish (1000 ml, 33.8 fl oz)

    (Qty: 1 x *****)

    Adam's Car Wash Gallon

    (Qty: 5 x *****)

    Drain Plug

    (Qty: 10 x *****)

    P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel 5 L

    (Qty: 1 x *****)

    P21S Auto Wash 5 liter refill

    (Qty: 1 x *****)

    GB P21S 5 Liter Sprayer Nozzles

    (Qty: 4 x *****)

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    NICE ORDER! I feel bad for the UPS guy that has to lug all that stuff to your doorstep!

    How fast do you go through ALL THAT 1Z cockpit?
  3. Grouse

    Grouse DB Forum Supporter

    LOL i still have 3/8ths of my first 10l.
    I expect business to grow, i want to have it on hand. Hell it has been growing every month. I am now booked 3 weeks out. 6 days a week. in freaken jan/feb in rainy hell Seattle. I am buying things now, while i have the time.

    edit to answer your question. that was 200 cars with the other 10l (so far)

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    Im glad my 10L is going to last me that long. I keep forgetting how big a 10L is, Im used to the "tiny" US 1 Gal. The Standard system is so retarded, its anything but "standard" LOL

    How long does the Blitz last you? I just placed an order for that.

    Congrats on the volume you are getting! Must be doing some awesome work.

    Now if Calgary can only answer how he went through 22 oz of Vintage in 2 months?!?!?!
  5. ggk

    ggk Jedi Nuba

    lol 22 oz?
    he must have some deep wet shiny floors and table as his house lol
    i wonder how zymol is going to feel about his refill so soon. but atleast he has a good excuse "my floors need something that beaded really well and aided in the cleaning, plus the finish was lacking. i killed 2 birds with one stone, so to speak"
  6. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Nice order Grouse :thumb: man that is wicked how busy you are :applause: well done. You know what they say, hard work and dedication to perfection get's noticed :cheerl:

    As for Vintage boys, lets just say Calgarydetail is very generous when applying Vintage hahahahaha oh and refils are no problem, no questions asked you just send it in and you get your container back and your good :thumb: But I should let Calgary explain :whistle:

    Oh one question Grouse, what is that drain plug? Is it for the P21S container?
  7. Grouse

    Grouse DB Forum Supporter

    I use blitz for exterior plastics, engine bay, wheel wells and tires. I put 2oz in a 2 gallon bucket and 1 oz in a 16 oz spritzer. generally per car. that suffices. So i use it more than i do p21s TAW, which is my engine bay, and paint decontamination product. I have less of the blitz than i do the CP, and i bought the blitz in august.

    yes it is for 5L and 10L bottles/jugs

    I sell the quality of my work, that pays my bills. I thought about selling volume. but i have decided not to go that route. The customers i have use me specifically because of the quality, not the volume.
  8. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well said Grouse, well said and because of that your busy :drinking:
  9. Grouse

    Grouse DB Forum Supporter

    I should probably elaborate.

    I know a guy who like me is anal about cars. Him and i worked well together last summer. When he had time and i had the work he would give me a hand. I have been thinking about hiring him full time. At this point it is a conversation piece between the two of us.

    There are two ways i could go with this:

    Volume. Set him up to do the same work I do on the same day i do. IE if i am doing a PSC in bellevue, have him do a PSC in totem Lake. This doubles the work done, yet keeps it 1 car per person per day.

    Quality. Have him help me on a PSC and raise the level of detail on a PSC. This would be 2 guys 1 car per day, about 12 man hours per car. This will not rake in money, but the work will be consistent, steady, and quality will not suffer in the same manner. On top of that it will effectively halve the total work per car per person. meaning we will both be far more efficient and rested 6 days a week, week after week.
  10. Nica

    Nica Banned

    I agree with your statement Grouse, all summer I detailed by my self with the help of my wife. To tell you the truth after a wile, I turned my wife into a full time helper. I don't mind detailing alone but having a parter is great. The only thing that I've noticed is that if the two partners are not compatible it could be a bad experiance, but sounds to me like the person you have in mind Grouse will work out.

    I'm a firm belever in quality not quantity just like you, that's why when I detail I take my time and customers leave there vehicle over the weekend :thumb: it's great being able to take your time detailing and insring every single aspect of the vehicle is perfectly detailed.

    You will notice a big difference with two people though, the work goes by fast and like you said you wont drain your self as much. To be honest though detailing is about building stamina, I didn't belave that at the begining but after my first detail I was beat :baby:
  11. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Aaron and Phil, thanks for the nice order....

    I have good GB coming up for all of you..... :)

    Posting right about now..
  12. 1f1fan

    1f1fan Birth of a Detailer


    Sweet order! I have been thinking of getting some 1z items, the cockpit premium is #1 on my list.

    Glad to see your business is going well. I have learned a lot from your posts regarding carpet cleaning on Autopia.
  13. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    1f1fan, no worries I will be running a huge special on Einszett for

    Feb. Cockpit will be in this sale... :)

    Should have it up by Monday.
  14. Calgarydetail

    Calgarydetail Getting to know Detailing

    well since everyone wants to know how i went through 22oz of vntage in 3months (not two ;)... well I applied it more generosly then i needed, have 7 family cars plus friends. Ther was one was where i put 3 coats on my firends probe... man did it look awsome.

    Also i experimented with apply via a machine, applicator, hand, and polishing pal. I went through alot of wax trying each method on the same car. (p.s. the applictor and polishing pal work best if heated with a hight).

    When you have 22oz and know its easily refillable you dont care if you apply a little to much.... so i epxeriented, tried adding more and leaving it over night. I had fun with it... i knew i wuld get it refilled no prob so i did
  15. 1f1fan

    1f1fan Birth of a Detailer

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up on that. :woot:

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