Miracle Detail's New HD film trailer...

Discussion in 'Pre Wash, Wash, Decon, Claying, Engine, Wheels, an' started by Paul Dalton aka Miracle, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Tete

    Tete Virgin Detailer

    I've just seen the video on a spanish detailing forum and I must say that the video is amazing.

    Regards from Spain
  2. Tunero

    Tunero Two Bucket System Washer

    Love the vid!

    When will be released the full video?
  3. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

    Thank you

    Many thanks, do you have a link to the spanish forum please?

    Kind Regards
  4. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

    Thanks Nica, no not me.
  5. Tunero

    Tunero Two Bucket System Washer

  6. TCD

    TCD Virgin Detailer

    I was the member who put the video link in the spanish forum. I subscribed to your videos & Photobucket. You and I have talked several times about Swissvax email and other things. The trailer is absolutely amazing mate, waiting full movie :thumb:

    Kind regards :)

    Top Car Detail
  7. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

    Hi Jose,

    Welcome to detailing bliss!!

    How are you? Keeping well I trust, I must pop down and see you soon, my Dad lives round the corner from your detailing studio.

    There is quiet a few views on the spanish detail forum, anyway of making it so I can read it in english? lol :doh:

  8. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    google translator will work,

    Google Translate
  9. TCD

    TCD Virgin Detailer

    Thanks for you welcome.

    I'm glad you remember me. I'm fine, working on my unit. You can come visit me when you want, you have no excuse, your father is very close to my business!! :giggle:

    Sorry mate but the forum is only Spanish. Anyway, anyone is welcome but this doesn't understand our language we try to speak English and feel comfortable. If you need anything, you know where to find me, here, my website, Spanish forum, email ...

    I hope to see you soon!

    Kind Regards,

    Top Car Detail
  10. TCD

    TCD Virgin Detailer

    Yeah. My English is bad and I often use the translator to read and speak English people. I need a language teacher ... :shakehead:
  11. Tete

    Tete Virgin Detailer

    I think google translator english (or spanish) is worse than yours. XD
  12. TCD

    TCD Virgin Detailer

    Maybe... :giggle:
  13. TCD

    TCD Virgin Detailer

    Paul, you have an email. :)
  14. kei169

    kei169 Wax on..Wax off

  15. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Now that's what I call a properly made video!
  16. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

  17. Carn

    Carn Welcome to Detailing

    Top shelf work Paul, congrats to you and the team that put this all together :thumb:

    Looking forward to seeing the full, finished product. Will it be available directly from yourself, or will there be 3rd party vendors stocking it?
  18. VehicleDetail

    VehicleDetail Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    not bad mate!, getting there now lol been ill for the last two weeks
  19. michakaveli

    michakaveli Welcome to Detailing

    Finally got a chance to watch that clip. BRILLIANT!
  20. pushtiulk

    pushtiulk Guest

    Congratz Paul for the movie.

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