Miracle Detail in Hong Kong - Ferrari 599 detail.

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by Paul Dalton aka Miracle, May 7, 2009.

  1. Racer

    Racer Birth of a Detailer

    more news please :worship2:
  2. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Paul, being from Belgium, can you post up the detai(s) you did there?
  3. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Congrats Paul :applause:

    Not only are those fine vehicles your detailing but congrats on landing yet another remarkable detail, I still think you should come down to Canada...but I'm still working on obtaining a vehicle worthy to bring you down ;) All in due time :thumb:

    Keep us updated and always enjoy your videos.
  4. Dale

    Dale Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I'm sure I can help supply the vehicle or vehicles, but you'll have to pay his wage and expenses lol :mounty:
  5. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

  6. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

    Thanks Nica!!

    I was only saying last night to my girlfriend how it would be so nice to come to Canada and that we should have a BIG DETAILING BLISS MEET!!! :) And make it the worlds biggest detailing meet ever!!

    Whats everyones views?!?!?!?!
  7. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

    Im sure we can arrange something that works for all of us!! :mounty:
  8. Dale

    Dale Any Rag Vehicle Washer

  9. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    That's a great idea Paul! I would definitely be there for that meet. :)
  10. ps3king

    ps3king Jedi Nuba

    im canadian and i sure as hell would be down to meet up!!! I think the best location would be Ottawa, Canada since it also serves as the countries capital city. :giggle:
  11. ps3king

    ps3king Jedi Nuba

    Hey paul just wondering, what is the name of the first song in your detail video with the carbon fibre koenigsegg ccxr special edition? i've been trying to find it everywhere but no luck! its not on itunes or anywhere for that matter!
  12. kei169

    kei169 Wax on..Wax off

    it would be great to hv a detailing bliss group meet!
  13. Wolfs Chemicals

    Wolfs Chemicals DB Certified Manufacturer

    Ahh, good old factory-installed buffer trails from Maranello :) (just in the process of removing some myself on a 430)! Did this one have any wet sanding marks or "oops, forgot to spray that part" on it? Lemmie know if you're interested and I'll send you some Ferrari defects that'll make you cringe :D. Nice score on the job, BTW, it's gotta be a great feeling to be that respected ;)!
  14. mb43

    mb43 Obsessive Detailer

    Hey Paul what happened to the videos? I was looking forward to watching them. Thanks.
  15. Nica

    Nica Banned

    You and your girlfriend would enjoy Canada and a meet would be good, I'm sure we can work something out Paul ;)
  16. Darkstar752

    Darkstar752 Horizon Detailing

    They are on page 3 I think.
  17. Paul Dalton aka Miracle

    Paul Dalton aka Miracle DB Pro Supporter

    I had to delete them, as the number plates where still visible, so I will have to re-edit them!!

    sorry to those who haven't seen them, I will try and get them done as soon as possible.

    Hopefully will try and get some good footage tomorrow, Im going to detail a clients car at the aston factory!! lol.
  18. Darkstar752

    Darkstar752 Horizon Detailing

    Thanks for taking the time to post here Paul, you are my hero :worship2:
  19. Chas

    Chas DB Forum Supporter

    I would fly or drive to Canada for a large meet no questions asked.
  20. Dale

    Dale Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I had to go to the Ferrari factory and detail a few cars too! It was great until my neighbor started mowing his lawn and I woke up! Ah well, off to detail a Land Rover :shrug:

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