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  1. acommonsoul

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    Im new to this hobby and need some advice. Im getting a 2014 Mazda 3 soon and want to know the best Menzerna to get for a 2 step. I know Mazda has very soft paint and dont want to damage that. I was first looking at fg400 and then 4500 but im afraid fg400 will have too much cut. Would it be better to go with the si1500? Whennim done im going to be coating the car in 22ple. Thanks in advance .
  2. detailersdomain

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    any of these would work great for your car.

    if you feel that you don't need a compound the SI1500 will be a great medium polish to go with.

    after you are done with SI1500 and SF4500 you can use an IPA wipe down to apply 22ple.
  3. acommonsoul

    acommonsoul New Member

    Thanks for the advice!! BTW DI has 22ple on sale this week!
  4. inDetail

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    Mazda's are also known for thin paint and the thickness measurements are all over the place. Driver side panel will measure one thickness while the same side quarter panel will measure 4 microns less. You also have variants in the tops and bottom of panels. My advice nice light polish like Menz 4000 or Wolfgang finishing glaze with a coat of Prima Amigo as a glaze and a nice long lasting LSP like BFWD or DG111. Keep in mind if you coat the car and anything happens the paint needs to be corrected. At least going traditional you have the benefit of a glaze to hide minor imperfections in thin paint.

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